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Home Insurance Winthrop MA

Winthrop Massachusetts is Currently Ranked #19 in “Best Places to Raise a Family in Suffolk County”

Find great rates and coverage for home insurance in Winthrop Massachusetts through the Premier Shield Insurance agency.

We specialize in helping existing and first-time homebuyers find insurance coverage with better rates for their new homeowners’ insurance policy.

Home Insurance Quotes Winthrop MA

Winthrop is one of the best suburbs for young professionals in Massachusetts because it has great nightlife places and day-time outdoor activities.

It’s a diverse and safe community with good public schools and is affordable for young families. Winthrop is an excellent place to live for Boston workers commuting to the city.

For these reseasons and more, we’ve added Winthrop to our “Under $400,000 PSI Communities” because it meets the following criteria:

  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Nightlife” (A)
  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Outdoor Activities” (A)
  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Health & Fitness” (B+)
  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Commute” (B+)
  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Diversity” (B+)
  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Public Schooling” (B)
  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Good for Families” (B)
  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Crime & Safety” (B)
  • Winthrop Scores B or Better for “Jobs” (B-)
  • Winthrop Has an Over 50% Homeownership Rate (55%)
  • Winthrop Median Home Value is below $400,000 ($387,200)

If you’re in the process of buying a home in Winthrop request an online homeowners insurance quote by filling out the form below.

Auto Insurance Winthrop MA

Find the best price, rates, coverage, and premiums for your auto insurance in Winthrop. Rates in Winthrop are around the Massachusetts average price of $1,264. Some homeowners who bundle home and auto insurance tend to pay less if they’re claims-free and pay in full for insurance annually.

Winthrop is an urban mix of homeowners and renters (55% vs 45%). Premier Shield Insurance is able to help both homeowners and renters for your residents. Bundling home/renters with auto insurance will help save you even more on your lower auto insurance rate.

Auto Insurance Quotes Winthrop MA

Winthrop Massachusetts residents we can save you money on your car insurance by switching to Premier Shield Insurance. Save money on auto insurance, up to 37%, when you bundle home and auto insurance with the same company.

About Winthrop Massachusetts

Winthrop is an ocean-side suburban community in Greater Boston situated at the north entrance to Boston Harbor, close to Logan International Airport.


City of Winthrop, Massachusetts
: 02152
Settled: 1630
Incorporated: 1852
Population: 18,391
Median Home Value: $387,200
Median Rent: $1,312
Homeowners vs Renters: 55% vs 45%
Elevation: 36 ft (Low elevation, it might be a good idea to get a flood insurance policy)

Winthrop Surrounding Towns, Suburbs and Cities

Are you interested in buying a home in a city close to Winthrop? We offer homeowners and auto insurance in these towns around Winthrop and we can help with an older home and coastal properties.

Winthrop Massachusetts Community Sites

Local resources, small businesses, and real estate websites for residents of Winthrop MA.

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