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Why is tesla insurance so high?

At Premier Shield Insurance, we specialize in helping Tesla drivers shop and compare premiums and coverage options. Our Tesla agents will help you maximize all your available discounts. If you bundle homeowners with your Tesla auto insurance policy you could save an additional 25% annually.



In 2021, local Massachusetts residents and Tesla drivers “feel sticker shock” when getting car insurance prices and rates from their current company.



Find out that insuring high-end, expensive, luxury, and nicer cars like Teslas comes with additional insurance costs.


When it comes to questions about insuring Teslas and insurance-related questions, ‘Why is tesla insurance so high?’ is the most common question I get on the phone,” said Tesla insurance specialist Brian Plain. He added, “Insurance companies price risk conservatively (EXPENSIVELY) when the automobile insurance companies don’t have the actuarial data, science, and mathematics to formulate an appropriate algorithm. Insurance pricing is almost more exotic than the cars it’s used to price.” when speaking specifically about high-priced Tesla insurance costs in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Connecticut, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island. The irony to most people shopping for a new or used Tesla is the fact that “Tesla car insurance can be expensive” even though Tesla’s electric vehicles (like the Model 3) have some of the most advanced safety features of any company and are some of the safest vehicles on the road today.


Premier Shield Offers Low-Cost Tesla Insurance with Comprehensive Coverage Options and Home Bundling Discounts for Safe Drivers


Examples of High-Cost and Low-Cost Tesla Insurance