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Why did my 2021 GEICO Car Insurance Go Up?

2021 GEICO Price Increase in MA CT NH ME or RI?
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Geico Insurance is Going Up For Many in Massachusetts

If you live in a highly populated city or town in Massachusetts and you don’t have a perfect driving record, you’re likely seeing your prices increase if you live in one of the following “Top 25 Population Centers in Massachusetts

What is Driving Geico Insurance Prices Higher in Massachusetts?

When it comes to driving in the state of Massachusetts, it’s a privilege, not a right to drive. Ask any young 18-year-old driver in Mattapan looking to get basic liability-only car insurance

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Top 50 GEICO Car Insurance 2021 Search Terms & FAQ

Some times, even if you have “home and auto insurance with Geico” bundled. You can get a premium

As independent insurance agents who switch a lot of GEICO customers to other insurance companies, we get a lot of questions about GEICO.

Some of the most common are:

  1. “Does Geico go up after 6 months”
  2. “Does Geico increase insurance after 6 months”
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  6. “Does Geico lower rates”
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  8. “Does Geico offer 12-month auto policies”
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When Does Geico’s Rates Increase?

If you’ve had a recent accident or claim, speeding ticket, or driving infraction you will see you’re premium increase on your renewal if there is a change.

Insurance companies like GEICO aren’t permitted to change your rates mid-term which is good, especially if you’re in a 12 month policy and not a 6 month policy.

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Why Did My Geico insurance go up?

Increases in rates in Boston, Dorcester, Mattapan, and Brockton are rapidly increasing in 2021 due to very high claims activities and younger drivers destroying their brand new cars.

Don’t be shocked to see your GEICO insurance rates increase if you live in Brockton or Mattapan, they’re going up with all insurance companies. Unfortunately, the cost of living in those communities is higher-than-average car insurance rates.

Did Geico raise their rates in 2021?

Some preferred customers will no claims and excellent payment history have seen their rates go down. The rest of drivers with claims, accidents, or tickets have experienced a rate increase.

Insurance is very much a personalized situation so it’s very common to have one drivers rates go up and another drivers rates go down.

Why did my Car Insurance go up for no reason?

There are many reasons GEICO may have raised your rates. You may have moved to an area like Lawrence, Fall River, New Bedford, Brockton, or Boston where the crime rate (specifically vehicle theft) is much higher.

How much will Geico insurance increase?

When you’re considering filing an auto insurance claim with GEICO, it’s important to remember these claims will stay on your record for 5 years and will have a negative impact on your ability to find cheaper and more affordable car insurance.

The below information from WalletHub in 2020 (out of date and not state specific) you will find roughly how much filing a claim increase GEICO car insurance rates:

Claim TypeAverage Rate Increase
Property Damage, At-Fault (over $2,000)31%
Property Damage, At-Fault (under $2,000)26%
Comprehensive (over $2,000)3%
Comprehensive (under $2,000)3%
2021 GEICO insurance increase