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Why can’t I renew my registration online?

It’s 2021, everything should be easy. The state of Massachusetts does make it easy and you can renew your registration online. Simply go into your RMV customer profile to start the renewal process for your vehicle registration. If you can’t renew your registration online, you probably need the help of an RMV specialist at Premier Shield Insurance.

Help with Progressive New Vehicle Registration in Massachusetts

Expired Registration Solutions for PSI

Expired Registration Issues & Solutions with Premier Shield RMV Experts

If you’re having registration issues, you’re not alone. We’re the only insurance agency in Massachusetts that is helping people solve this issue. We can help you reinstate your expired registration or help you if you’re MA registration or plates are revoked and you need it reinstated.

Premier Shield helps every customer on a “first come first serve” basis and we’re a small agency. If you need help we can offer you “same day” help with getting your expired registration reinstated “If You are a Premier Shield Insurance Customer” ONLY. If you’re not looking to change insurance companies simply call your agent or company and deal with them. We don’t represent the Registry of Motor Vehicles nor can we legally can not provide insurance stamps for carriers we do not represent like GEICO, MAPFRE, ALLSTATE, Liberty Mutual, or Progressive Direct.

Reasons you Can’t Renew Your Registration Online

Listen, I can’t emphasize this enough. “PAY YOUR MASSACHUSETTS STATE BILLS ON TIME“. In Massachusetts, we used the registry system to make sure residents of Massachusetts “Pay What they Owe”. That includes excise taxes, unpaid parking tickets, and fast lane violations.

Below is the full list of reasons you may not be able to reinstate. If you need more details, we can help. Text your driver’s license number or MA Plate number to our “dedicated registration text line” now at 1-774-460-8112 or request an automobile insurance quote online.


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