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What is the maximum flood insurance coverage?

Currently, the maximum flood insurance coverage we are able to offer is $2,000,000 for Building Flood Coverage through Neptune Flood Insurance.  We are proud to offer fast, easy, and affordable rates and better coverage options for flood policies with Neptune in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Mexico.

At Premier Shield, we have always had the ability to bind and offer FEMA & NFIP insurance policies but we never really bothered because they’re awful, time-consuming, frustrating for both agents and consumers, require elevation certificates for flood zone properties and it put flood insurance agents at risk for errors because there are so many data points to enter.


Get Higher Flood Insurance Coverage at a More Affordable Price

Cheap and Best Flood Insurance Companies for High Value Homes

Find the Cheap and Best Flood Insurance Companies for High-Value Homes

Premier Shield partnered with “Neptune Flood Insurance” because they’re like us! They like what our customers like. BOTH Premier Shield Insurance & Neptune Flood Insurance have 3 things in common: We both provide “Simple Insurance Solutions”, “Affordable Prices”, and a “Fast Process for Finding Flood Insurance” and that’s why we’re successful and other flood insurance agents still have you in a flood insurance policy that is possibly 100% higher than it should be.

Offering high-value homeowners up to $5,000,000 and flood insurance coverage up to $2,000,000 is important to us as well.

Consumers and coastal homeowners in the past have had few options in the way of “good coverage for flood insurance”. $250,000 for a home in 2021 doesn’t go very far. Especially if you own a high-value home. ALL (100%) of high-value homeowners who have an “NFIP” or “FEMA flood insurance policies” are underinsured in the event of a “total loss” due to flooding.

as well as commercial flood & excess flood insurance policies through multiple insurance carriers. Our flood insurance agency specializes in lowering rates for homeowners and finding MUCH cheaper flood insurance policies in “High-Risk Flood” areas like Zone A, Zone AE, ZONE A1-30, Zone AH, Zone, AO, Zone AR, Zone A99.


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Frequently Asked Flood Insurance Questions

  • What are some of the questions that you should ask to your flood insurance agent before you sign a policy with him?a) Ask him “Is there a flood insurance policy or application fee for my flood insurance policy?”. We have seen insurance agencies charging upwards of $200 “flood insurance application fees” when consumers went to sign the paperwork. We typically charge a $100 fee for most flood policies but if you have either a home or auto insurance within our agency we’ll generally reduce it to $50 or waive the fee completely if you bundle both property and vehicle policies with us. b) Ask your flood insurance agent “Is this a private market flood insurance policy or an NFIP policy” if they say “NFIP” #RUNAWAY and call us at 1-774-847-7746 immediately. Those rates are simply awful in 2021 for most consumers. It will be a better price in 3-12% of the situations that the private markets don’t want to take.
  • Which documentation is acceptable proof of flood insurance? a) A flood insurance policy declaration page is considered acceptable proof of flood insurance for most mortgage, financial, and lending institutions. However, some simply want a “Flood Insurance Binder” which we create as agents as well. b)
  • What does flood insurance usually cover? Can you be denied flood insurance?


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