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Switch Insurance Companies in New England (HOME+AUTO)

The Premier Shield Insurance agency is one of the best insurance agencies to help you quickly find a better price and switch insurance companies in Massachusetts.

will be updating this section with articles, posts, and resources on how-to “Switch Insurance Companies” in Massachusetts.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in business, investments, and helping people with insurance.

Our experienced and caring agents have the experience you need to find a better price for your automobile or homeowners insurance policy.

We will work closely with you and your family to figure out what you need for coverage and help you find auto and homeowner insurance alternatives to GEICO, Progressive, Allstate, MAPFRE, AMICA, Arbella, and Safety.

Switching Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

This article is mostly dedicated to Massachusetts because the cancelation process is unique.

Switch home and auto is the same in other states.

Switching Auto Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

Independent Insurance Agents take care of switch your homeowners and auto insurance policies.

In this brief section, we will cover the process of how you can easily change your car insurance company in Massachusetts.

Step 1: First thing is you let the expert agents at Premier Shield Insurance help you find a lower price for your new auto insurance policy – If you have questions about switching insurance companies just request a free car insurance quote by giving us a call today 1-774-847-7746.

Step 2: Once the new coverage is in place, Premier Shield Insurance will tell you to take yourself off of automatic payments to avoid them attempting to take premiums that will need to be refunded in the future.

Step 3: Premier Shield Insurance will send a 2A Notice of Cancellation to your prior insurance company. To help expedite this we may request you ask the prior agency for an email or fax number to send the request.

Step 4: The old insurance company or agency has up to 10 days to process a cancellation request. It’s always good to just follow up with them to make sure everything is canceled. Otherwise, they can say you owe unearned-premium that can jeopardize your future insurance availability.

If you’re too busy for a phone call simply Text the words “SWITCH INSURANCE” to 774-225-0599 and include your Massachusetts driver’s license number. That’s all we need to get you started saving money on your car insurance in 2019.

Switching Insurance Homeowners Companies in Massachusetts

Unlike auto insurance, switching your homeowners; insurance company can prove to be slightly more difficult in Massachusetts. Boston Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance can be difficult to find. Let’s say for example (and we have seen this exact scenario).

A potential home insurance customer is trying to find “cheaper homeowners insurance in Worcester” (many are, it’s expensive for both home and auto!). They decide they want a “rental property” so the family decides to buy a 3 family home that’s built-in 1880 that has a flat roof and hasn’t been updated.

This is the type of property that best suited for the Mass Fair Plan. Nobody wants a home risk like this. “Flat Roofs” are almost always a disqualifier for home insurance in Massachusetts.

How do you Switch Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts?

In this section, we’ll cover how Premier Shield Insurance helps find homeowner’s new home policies and the process for canceling the old home insurance policy.

Step 1: Find a new home insurance policy with a future effective date for the advanced shopper discount.

Step 2: After you’ve found a new homeowner’s policy, you’ll need to “buy the home insurance policy“. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t pay for my home insurance, it’s escrowed.”

OK, perfect you’re just like 90% of everyone with a mortgage! Now you need to get the “mortgagee clause and loan number” so we can set up the new policy.

We can help you with that if you request a homeowners insurance quote or call us at 1-774-847-7746

Top 10 Massachusetts Insurance Companies to Switch From

Home insurance typically goes up 4% a year in Massachusetts thanks to an automatic “inflation guard” component built into most homeowner policies.

If you haven’t taken a look at your home insurance premiums in a few years, now is a good time.

The longer you are with your homeowner’s insurance the more you could be overpaying.

Let our expert home insurance agents at Premier Shield Insurance walk you through your options. We can be reached at 774-847-7746.

Best Towns to Switch Home and Auto Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

If you live in one of the below towns or cities in Massachusetts, we can likely help you find lower premiums and prices for homeowners and auto insurance.

Switching insurance carriers for auto and home has never been easier with Premier Shield. We make it simple and take care of issuing the new policies and canceling out your old home and auto policies.

Switch Insurance Companies Quote Request

We make it easy and simple to switch car insurance carriers and take care of all the paperwork.

Unfortunately, the cancelation process in Massachusetts isn’t a “perfect system” things don’t always get canceled (yes, I know in 2020 it’s still difficult to get insurance policies canceled)

The only thing you really need to do as a consumer after setting up the new policy with Premier Shield is easy:

1. Get us the fax number of your old carrier or agency

2. Take yourself off of automatic payments (because they will sit on the cancelation notice at times! They legally have up to 10 days to process it. At times, and say they never received it then take you 2 weeks to get your money back).

If you have any questions at all, we’re just a phone call away 1-774-847-7746. Just give us a call or request a quote for your vehicle insurance online by filling out the form below and one of our agents will call you within 24 hours.

Switch Insurance Companies in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island

Once you set up your new homeowners or auto insurance policy with Premier Shield Insurance.

You (the policyholder) just call your carrier up and say “I want to cancel my Auto/Home insurance policy, I’ve set up a new policy“.

They’ll probably ask for a copy of your “ID Cards” or “Homeowners Insurance Declaration

Additional Reading & Resources for Switching Insurance Carriers

Learn more about homeowners, business, auto, and life insurance in New England (MA RI NH ME CT).

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