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Insurance Resources

As an insurance customer, you deserve excellent service and information to assist you in choosing the insurance coverage you need to protect your family and business. We believe informing you of your insurance options will help you feel more comfortable in making the final decision. See the insurance topics to learn more information.

Frequently Asked Questions


Helpful information for consumers looking for resources and a better understanding of how insurance works for homeowners, auto, and flood policies.

Automobile insurance is the best way to protect yourself and your vehicle in case of an accident or an uninsured driver. All 50 states in the U.S. and Washington, D.C. (with the exception of New Hampshire) have laws that require that owners and operators of automobiles comply with state-required coverage minimums.

State Insurance Resources



  • Maine Bureau of Insurance –
  • Maine Bureau of Insurance: Homeowners Insurance –
  • Maine Bureau of Insurance: Auto Insurance –


New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire Insurance Department | NH DOI
  • NH State Guide to Your Guide to Understanding Auto Insurance in the Granite State | NH DOI
  • New Hampshire Homeowner Insurance For Consumers | NH DOI

New Mexico


  • The Ohio Department of Insurance | OH DOI
  • Ohio Department of Insurance Automobile Information | OH DOI
  • Ohio Department of Insurance Homeowner Information | OH DOI

Rhode Island

  • Insurance Division of the Rhode Island Department of Business | RI DOI
  • Rhode Island Insurance Division Rules & Regulations | RI DOI
  • Rhode Island Insurance Companies | RI DOI

South Carolina

  • South Carolina Division of Insurance | SC DOI
  • Understanding Your Insurance Policy | SC DOI
  • Finding and Shopping for Homeowners Insurance in SC | SC DOI


  • Texas Department of Insurance | TX DOI
  • Texas Department of Insurance Consumer protection | TX DOI
  • Texas Department of Insurance’s “Homeowners Insurance Guide” | TX DOI




Additional Premier Shield Insurance Resources

Common Insurance Questions

As insurance veterans we are experienced agents who can help answer any question you have with a simple phone call to 1-774-847-7746. Below are some common insurance-related questions and common situations consumers have when dealing with home, auto, business, or flood insurance policies and coverage options.

  1. What is the best insurance company for home and auto?
  2. Who has the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts?
  3. How do I find out someone’s homeowners insurance?
  4. Is it better to combine home and auto insurance?