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Home Insurance Southwick MA

Residents of Southwick and first-time homebuyers are eligible for lower rate for homeowners insurance through Premier Shield Insurance. Find an agent to help you find the best price and coverage options for your Southwick home.

We have over 20 years experience helping customers with insurance, business, and financial services and we put your needs first. If you’re looking for a quality insurance agency in New England that will put your budget, insurance needs, and family above the bottom line, Premier Shield is the agency for you.

Look we know you literally have over 5,000 options for insurance agencies in Massachusetts and that ‘s why we really appreciate our loyal customers for all the agency referrals and positive homeowners and auto insurance reviews we’ve received on Google and Facebook.

We really like Southwick Massachusetts for first-time homebuyers looking to start a family, find quality education for their children, and have affordable housing. Southwick offers a lot for people looking to buy their first home. It’s great for “Outdoor Activies” and people who are into fitness and health. It also has a lot of “nightlife” options for those younger homebuyers that still like to go out and enjoy themselves.

For these reasons and more, we’ve added Southwick Massachusetts to our “Under $300,000 PSI Communities” because it meets the following criteria:

  • Southwick Scores B- or Better for “Public Schooling” (B)-
  • Southwick Scores B -or Better for “Good for Families” (B)
  • Southwick Scores B- or Better for “Health & Fitness” (B)
  • Southwick Scores A or Better for “Outdoor Activies” (A)
  • Southwick Scores B or Better for “Job” (B)
  • Southwick Scores B or Better for “Crime & Safety” (B)
  • Southwick Has an Over 75% Homeownership Rate (81%)
  • Southwick Median Home Value is below $325,000 ($310,100)

Home Insurance Quotes Southwick MA

Request a Southwick Massachusetts homeowners insurance quote from an expert agent at Premier Shield Insurance who’s experienced and will help you save money. We compare homeowners insurance rates in New England and specifically Southwick to find you the best coverage and pricing options for your new or existing Southwick home.

Find the best homeowners insurance quotes online, by filling out the property insurance quote request form below, or give us a call today at 1-774-847-7746.

Auto Insurance Southwick MA

Car insurance prices, rates, and premiums are much lower in Southwick Massachusetts than the average driver pays in the state ($1,264). This is because over 80% of drivers in Southwick own their home and as a community they file below-average insurance claims which helps homeowners enjoy much lower rates/premiums/prices for auto insurance in Southwick MA.

Chances are, if you have had the same auto insurance company in Southwick for over 3 years, you’re probably being overcharged. Typically we’re able to beat your price over 75% of the time if you’re a “Good or Excellent Driver” with 99 or 98 SDIP Points make sure you check out our Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) Guide for 2020.

Auto Insurance Quotes Southwick MA

If you are shopping or comparing car insurance prices, rates, premiums, and coverage, we can help you save money (and more importantly valuable time) finding the best price and coverage for you auto and homeowners’ insurance policy. If you have AMICA, Arbella, Commerce or MAPFE, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Plymouth Rock (Massachusetts Only), or our Progressive and Safeco Insurance Agency.