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Local SEO

We are a small business. We appreciate the struggle facing the majority of small business owners. Sometimes when you’re new you have no choice but to either “PAY FOR ADVERTISING” or “Take Advantage of Organic Search in Google”.

The internet of the past 15 years has become a more level playing field due to the massive growth of “Social Media” companies like Facebook & Twitter. Google uses advanced algorithems that are constantly changing. The Premier Local SEO Services company is hear to help you find your customers and change the way businesses partner with insurance & SEO agencies like Premier.

Print Media & Direct Mailing is Expensive & Yields a Terrible ROI

A stamp costs $.52 in 2020. Custom fliers, direct mailers, envelops, and post card mailers will cost you a small fortune. When we were in our first year or two, insurance marketing reps would say “You should do a direct mailer“. We understand that a 1-2% response rate is high for “Direct Mail Response Rates“. The problem with insurance is we don’t make that much off a customer, it’s when they’re loyal and stick around that we may finally break even or turn a profit.

Advertising Problems Facing Small Business Owners in Massachusetts

When I saw Google wanted $104/click for “Car Insurance MA” I realized the keyword prices were being bidded up by large insurance companies like AMICA, Metlife, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and GEICO to compete for market share growith for the auto market insurance in Massachusetts.. Massachusetts Insurance is 100% the most cut-throat business.

Premier Shield Local SEO Services

There are a ton of people who claim to be “SEO Experts” when they’re what old friend Mario used to call “Web Robbers” they would take a ton of money and use local SEO strategies that haven’t worked since 2015. Google is constantly coming up with new update like Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

Our search engine optimization marketing services are FREE to start! We’ll give you $1,000 of free SEO Advice/Guidance plus we’ll give you a personalize business profile to help “BOOST YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE IN 2020“. as of 01/06/2020 has a Global Alexa Ranking of #122,114 and a Alexa Traffic Rank United States #27,253 Traffic Rank in US.

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