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SDIP 02 Points

If you have 2 points in Massachusetts, the expert auto insurance agents at the Premier Shield Insurance agency can help you save money on car insurance!

We’ve helped thousands of Massachusetts residents save money on their personal auto policies by finding them the best price and coverage for auto insurance.

Brian Plain COO – Premier Shield Insuranc

Many drivers with minor infractions end up paying more for car insurance in Massachusetts when they have 2 SDIP points. It’s very easy to end up with 2 points and we’ll go over some of the ways to avoid getting 2 points.

How to Get 2 Points in Massachusetts

If you receive a Minor Traffic Law Violation (includes civil violations, such Inspection Sticker Violations, as failing to obey traffic lights, improper passing, fail-to-yield, following too close, fail-to-stop, speeding, failure to use child restraint system, or minor criminal violations, such as driving without a license or as an unlicensed operator.) on 02/04/2020 will you assign you 2 SDIP Points.

If the incident date and surcharge date are the same your 2 SDIP points will become 1 SDIP point after 3 years (clean in 3). The other point will fall off after 6 years 02/04/2026.

Save Money 2 Point Driver in Massachusetts

If you have 2 points and you live in a small town like Auburn, Charlton, Holden, Millbury, Oxford, or Sutton and you’re over 30 your price might only go up $10/m. However, if you’re in a larger town or city like Worcester you can expect to pay much more for car insurance. In fact, Worcester car insurance quotes are high because it’s rated the 2nd worst city for car insurance in the United State.

Request a money-saving quote if you have 2 points in Massachusetts and see how much money we can help you save. Homeowners who bundle auto can save up to 37% when bundling auto and home.

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