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Safe Driving

This section is dedicated to all the unsafe drivers on the New England roadways. Safe driving in New England is important because bad driving contributes to a higher cost of living for everyone.

At the Premier Shield Insurance agency, we promote safe driving because it leads to fewer accidents, property damage, and creates lower car insurance rates.

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Safe Driving Massachusetts

Since I live in Massachusetts this article will be primarily focused on safe driving in Massachusettes. The driver safety tips also apply if you live in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine.

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Avoid car accidents and save money on insurance

Massachusetts Safe Driving Tips

The funny thing about the thousands of Massachusetts drivers I’ve come across in my years of insurance, they’ll all tell you “I don’t need ‘Safe Driving Tips”. Those same people mostly under 30 years old are the ones causing the majority of the accidents and property damage throughout Massachusetts.

Everyone is so smart but practicing safe driving can literally save your life. Having good reactionary skills behind the wheel can be the difference between life and death.

  • Massachusetts Safe Driving Tip #1 – Avoid the major population centers that have over 50,000 residents. I get, if you live in Newtown you’re probably not moving. Same thing for Boston and other major cities. Just know with high population and insurance claims you can end up paying much more for car insurance.
RankCity viagra kvinnerPopulation
7New Bedford95,117
10Fall River89,339
  • Massachusetts Safe Driving Tip #2 – Avoid driving on congested highways like Route 495. Some of the worst and most expensive accidents happen on the highway.

What are some driving safety tips?

So what are a few of our driver safety tips? Here are 10 driving safety tips to keep you and your family safe on the road.

  1. Don’t Tailgate! I’ve rear-ended someone before, it would have been avoided if I had not been driving so close to the other vehicle. It’s really important to give yourself plenty of breaking time because you literally have a split second to react and avoid a collision.
  2. Don’t Speed! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to where you’re going. Getting a speeding ticket gives yous 2 SDIP points that will stay on your record for 6 years from the surcharge date. 1 ticket can cost you thousands of dollars over that time frame.
  3. Watch Your Blindspots! I can tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to do this myself. It’s very easy to think you know your surroundings and just miss someone who’s right next to you. Avoid accidents by double-checking before changing lanes.
  4. Don’t text while driving! It’s the law in Massachusetts to be hands-free in 2020. Fines and mandatory classes will be frustrating. Habitual offenders will also receive an insurance surcharge for 3rd and subsequent offenses.
  5. Come to a complete stop! Stop signs make sure you come to a full stop and be mindful of other vehicles and yield the right of way.
  6. Watch for school buses! If they’re stopped with their stop sign out to make sure you’re paying attention for kids crossing. This can be of the most expensive tickets you can get going past a stop sign letting off kids.
  7. Avoid Distracted Driving! Keep your music turned down so you can focus on driving.
  8. Don’t Hit Things! Set a goal from today and work hard to stay accident and claim free for your first 6 years.
  9. Avoid Street Parking! I get it, many city dwellers don’t have much of an option with this one. This is why car insurance rates in Boston are so high. There are so many “hit and runs” and residents in the city are the biggest victims.
  10. Pull Over if You Need to Use Your Phone! Don’t risk getting pulled over or an accident that will mess up your insurance rates for years.

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