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Route 495

Route 495 connects many great towns and cities throughout Massachusetts.

If you in near 495 and you’re thinking about switching home or auto insurance companies give us a call.

Find an Insurance Agent near 495 to help you find insurance discounts, savings , and coverage through a better company for your homeowners and auto insurance policy.

Route 495 PSI Communities

Premier Shield Insurance has created pages and resources for just about every town in Massachusetts to help first-time homebuyers and people moving find the best places to live and buy homes.

Our “Premier Shield Insurance Communities” are designed to help homebuyers looking for quality education and communities that are “good for families”.

About Route 495

Route 495 covers Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Worcester county and is a popular road for many Massachusetts drivers.

It’s a great road to travel as long as you don’t hit a ton of traffic If you’re going to the Cape (495 South) or up to New Hampshire or Maine (495 North) during the summer months, except to hit a ton of traffic and delays.

It runs from Salisbury in the north to Wareham the south and is the 2nd longest auxiliary Interstate Highway System road.

The “495 Beltway” forms a semicircle around Greater Boston and many great homes and “PSI communities” are located off 495.

These “495 towns” are excellent locations for first-time homebuyers and people who use 495 as part of their daily commute.