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Progressive Offers Enhanced “Loyalty+” New Benefits for Home & Auto Bundled Insurance Customers

Starting today Wednesday, March 24, Progressive introduces an enhancement to our Loyalty Rewards Program called “Loyalty+” to further recognize and reward bundled customers (Auto and Home, Condo, or Renters), and other lines of Progressive like a motorcycle, commercial, auto, and umbrella policies. Loyalty+ clients will have a”+” designation added to their present car Loyalty amounts, for example, Gold+ or Diamond+, and will get extra loyalty advantages.


Progressive+ Loyalty Rewards Program

Learn more about the Progressive+ Loyalty Rewards Program in CT, NH, ME, MA, and RI.


Which states can I get the “Loyalty+ Progressive Benefits”?


  • All Existing Premier Shield Progressive clients’ loyalty program countries and clients with Home and Auto, Condo, or Renters will get this therapy in MA, CT, NH, ME, and RI.


What are some of the benefits of the Loyalty+ Program?

Progressive Loyalty+ customers will receive their current benefits as they do today, plus:

    • Priority call handling that the Progressive “Emerald and Crown-loyalty-level” customers experience today. Specifically, Loyalty+ customers will hear the following: “You’re headed to the front of the line! As a [Loyalty Level] Plus customer, your call gets priority service.”
    •  Multi-Policy Discount for bundling auto with homeowners, condominium, or renters insurance.

We’re excited to share this new Progressive Insurance benefit with our mutual customers, and we appreciate you choosing to place your preferred, bundled business with us.


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To learn more, speak with a local Progressive by phone or request an insurance quote online.


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