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Progressive New Vehicle Registration in MA

Progressive RTA Form Instructions

[Help with Progressive Insurance RTA Processing in Massachusetts]


Welcome to the Premier Massachusetts Progressive New Vehicle Registration Center


Help with Progressive New Vehicle Registration in Massachusetts

Learn how to register 🚗 with Progressive in Massachusetts with online content partner Premier Shield Insurance 🛡

5 years ago Premier Shield Insurance and Progressive Insurance partnered to better help Massachusetts auto insurance consumers. We also wanted to change the way people feel about dealing with insurance agents and agencies.

Premier Shield achieves this every day by helping MA residents learn and better understand how car insurance in Massachusetts works in 202w.

They have helped our agency grow and implement many positive changes that benefited millions of auto insurance policyholders and future policyholders in Massachusetts.

We have quickly become New England’s #1 and largest online auto insurance agency for website traffic because we use easy-to-use and simple language to discuss and explain the complex situation that impact residents of Massachusetts. Brian Plain |Co-founder, SEO Master Insurance Agent & Business Consultant

A special thanks to our loyal customers for giving Premier Shield Insurance your continued trust, support, and referrals and giving us such amazing flood, home, and auto insurance reviews.


Below are a few consumer Progressive Insurance RTA resources to help you quickly find the answers you need.

Registration Progressive Insurance Massachusetts

How do I register my car in Massachusetts with Progressive?


This page is for customers who need help with the vehicle registration process for Progressive,  their “Progressive RTA form”, and adding a car to an existing Progressive policy in the state of Massachusetts.


I have a MA Progressive-Direct auto insurance policy, what’s the process for registering a car in Massachusetts?


“Progressive Direct” and Premier Shield Progressive customers are BOTH able to receive assistance by telephone 1-800-776-4737 or by downloading the Progressive mobile application for their Apple or Android devices.

Premier Shield Insurance Progressive New Vehicle Registration Process 


If you’re an existing Premier Shield Insurance customer with a “Progressive Massachusetts auto insurance policy” we make it easy it for you to add a new car to your policy. For potentially new customers, you request a quote here.

The process for new vehicle plates will be different for different “insurance situations” so we made a quick list to help you find the proper resources to save you time and frustration registering your MA personal auto insurance policy.

Just follow these simple instructions to add a vehicle, switch vehicles, and change coverages in Massachusetts.


Buying a Car from a car dealership in Massachusetts?


To add a new vehicle to your Massachusetts personal automobile policy you’ll first need the following” a) The Vehicle Identification Number for the new car or truck you’re looking to or purchase. b) The new vehicle lien holder’s name and address c) Add the new vehicle to your policy by “FAXING new vehicle registration” forms to directly to Progressive Insurance at “1-866-797-7579.

If possible have the dealership include your policy number.


Buying a Car from a car dealership outside Massachusetts?


Progressive customers often move from out of state to Massachusetts and are confused about the unique vehicle registration process in Massachusetts.

That’s OK. Progressive makes it easy to “start a new Massachusetts car insurance policy”. Call your assigned

If you’re buying a car in New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island or any other state you’ll need to ask the dealership “Are you guys on the drive program in Massachusetts?”. If they say YES, it’s the same process as above.

Answer: Are you working with an Approved “MA Dealership DRIVE Program” (YES or NO)

When purchasing a used vehicle, you typically will get a lower price for the car at the smaller dealership. This comes with an extra layer of work for you as a consumer.

RMV Pro Tip: Many MA residents might think about buying a car in New Hampshire because it is a “tax-free” state.  If you buy a car in New Hampshire, and then try to register it in Massachusetts, you will pay your sales tax at the time of registration based on the car’s “Bluebook value” at the RMV.

If they’re not on the DRIVE Program, it’s more complicated and “WILL REQUIRE YOU TO REGISTER THE VEHICLE YOURSELF“.

That means waiting for up to 2 weeks after setting up an appointment with the RMV on their website or up to 4 days with the faster RMV drop-off alternative locations.


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