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Progressive Insurance Virginia

Are you searching for Progressive Home and Auto Insurance in Virginia? Premier Shield Insurance can help you find quality property and vehicle coverage through Progressive Insurance.

We have over 20 years over insurance/business/financial services/investment experience helping people just like you find lower rates when dealing with insurance companies.

It’s much better to work with a Progressive agent than dealing with Progressive Directly. Agents are easier to reach and also have other carriers if Progressive prices are no longer “cheap”.

Why Choose Progressive Auto Insurance Coverage in Virginia?

Progressive is one of the top auto insurance providers in the United States, providing many home and auto insurance policies to consumers. However, there are several things that you need to know if you are thinking of purchasing a Progressive Insurance policy in Virginia.

First, Progressive has various types of personal & commercial insurance policies such as homeowner’s, business, and commercial insurance (many companies do only personal or commercial and not both).

Secondly, Progressive offers many flexible coverage options for home and auto insurance, which means that you can purchase a policy that is suited to your needs and budget. Using an independent insurance agent can be very helpful in shopping and comparing rates because they are knowledgeable on different options and can help you find the right Progressive policies while making sure you’re properly insured.

A Progressive home insurance policy is very unique because it offers discount rates on both the homeowner’s insurance policy and the auto policy. Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile/Commercial Auto/Umbrella/Boat are also eligible for multi-line policy discounts with Progressive.

Progressive can help cover your home, personal belongings/contents, and structures with quality insurance for your home. This basically means is that you will save money when you insure your home against fire, theft or damage and bundle other insurance policies you’re paying for anyway.

The Progressive website also provides you with a generous amount of insurance-related content on their different product offers.

Speak with a Virginia Progressive insurance agent by phone today at 1-774-847-7746 to learn how to save money on your Progressive Insurance as well as all the details about Progressive’s specific discount programs. Using an independent insurance agent will also help you find discounts, which will make your monthly premiums lower. Alternatively, if you are not satisfied with the information provided by the Progressive website and do not want to purchase a Progressive Insurance policy online, you can always talk to your local Progressive agent and he will be happy to answer your queries.


If you are looking for an affordable Progressive home and auto insurance quotes in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington, Richmond, Newport News, Alexandria, Hampton, Roanoke, Portsmouth, or Suffolk Viriginia, then request a Premier Shield Insurance Progressive home insurance quote online today.

You can either visit their website by using their phone number or you can use their official website which has a customer service chat option.

Using an independent insurance agent will be beneficial because they know how Progressive works and can guide you through the whole process of purchasing a policy. Independent agents also know which discounts are currently available and can therefore maximize the benefits offered by Progressive.

Purchasing a home and auto insurance policy from Progressive is an excellent way to protect your personal belongings as well as your family’s belongings.

Our auto insurance policy analysis found that average prices for car insurance rates in Virginia for drivers with poor credit are almost 50% in 2021 compared to the average Virginia car insurance rate of $910 a year based on inflation-adjusted data for 2021.