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Premier Shield Small Business Association and Coalition

Premier Shield Insurance is redefining “How Businesses Help Other Businesses“, “People helping people“, and “businesses helping businesses“.

To be honest, there are a many #MassHole businesses that won’t give Premier Shield Insurance the time or day. That’s fine. They’ll be left in the dust and we’ll elevate their counterparts that have the vision and care about their customers.

We are on a different level, we provide world-class customers service for New England residents for home and auto insurance. If you’re a small business owner, real estate agent, or local Massachusetts homeowner who can help us grow we want to hear from you and have an honest conversation.

We want relationships to come back to New England Insurance and we want to “Help and care about people in New England“. At Premier Shield Insurance, we want you to get better rates for car and homeowners insurance (even if you don’t have current car insurance). Look at the end of the day, we don’t want to deal with “high-risk Massachusetts drivers“, with high SDIP points, If you’re in that situation, no one thing, you can get MAIP and simply no insurance compy wants to give you insurance in the “Open Market” #YOUGETMAIP #MAIPFORYOU #MASSACHUSE #MAIP (Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan).

Benefits of Membership

  • You get a FREE business profile from a highly-trafficked, hyper-niche targeted New England website with the “#1” & fastest growing New England Insurance Consumer Resource Website.
  • We’re small business owners, we get it and truly appreciate you and your small business’s struggle (especially when it comes to advertising, marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yelp Salespeople are #Shitheads, (Confirmed by multiple local Massachusetts Small Business Owners Looking to Not Get Ripped Off).
  • Yeah, it doesn’t take a year or two before these so-called “SEO EXPERTS” call you and try to get you to spend $25-150 “a click”. #WTF seriously it’s insane what many of these “web robING bing” companies do to small businesses.
  • From every industry expert I speak with, the average MA small business owner is “WASTING any small businesses in Massachusetts spend $7,000 a month OR $84,000 “Google Adword and FaceBook Ads” and maybe they have “high ticket items” like one of my best friends Alan the owners of Revolution Automotive Services Inc they can help you with your Audi, Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Telsa, a “German Auto Insurance Maintenance in Norwood Massachusetts“.

Premier Shield Small Business Association and Coalition Sign Up for New England

We want to help you grow and build your brand and help new customers find Premier Shield Insurance. If you know a group of employees who are paying too much, we can help