Common and frequently asked Massachusetts auto insurance questions are “What is a deferred driver on an auto insurance policy?”, “What is a deferred driver?”,

If you’re a new driver to Massachusetts, you may have never heard the term “Deferred Operator” or “Deferred Driver” (and that’s OK and normal.) If you’ve never lived in Massachusetts, the concept of a “Household member” or “Deferred Driver” may be foreign to you. Below is helpful information and resources designed to help MA drivers and consumers better understand the laws and requirements for deferred operators in Massachusetts.

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Learn more about common family/household insurance-related questions/problems/situations in Massachusetts through Premier Shield Insurance. Below are a few of the common situations we come across and some simple answers. Resources and contract law are always changing so contact your insurance provider for more specific details about your situation.

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    • Question: Does insurance follow the car or driver in Massachusetts? In Massachusetts, auto insurance follows the car not the driver. The exception would be for Non-Owners Auto Insurance policy which is for drivers that need valid liability-only coverage but do not own or have a registered vehicle in the state of Massachusetts.
    • Question: Can you drive someone’s car with their permission?Answer: The majority of personal automobile insurance policies will cover drivers you’ve “Listed & Rated” on the policy, or anyone whom you give permission to drive your car, says (however, that driver must have an active policy or the accident could ‘END UP BEING HELD AGAINST YOUR RECORD’. This means your insurance will likely cover another driver in the event of an accident, as long as they had your permission to drive your vehicle & have a separate valid auto policy when not listed on your policy.
    • Question: Does a car have to be insured if you’re not driving it?Answer: Yes if your car is financed, you are required legally to have car insurance to protect the financial interest of the lender. Unregistered vehicles are governed by your Massachusetts Town’s Zoning Bylaws so the answer will be specific to the community you live in.
    • Question: Do you need car insurance in MA?Answer: “Yes, car insurance is a legal requirement in the state of Massachusetts. You must be a rated driver on a policy to meet the legal requirements to operate a vehicle in the state of Massachusetts” If you need help obtaining an affordable MA auto policy, you can request MA vehicle quotes online here.


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