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We’re happy to attempt to answer it! Give us a call at 1-774-225-0599 and ask your property/flood/motorcycle/boat/umbrella/RV/ATV/automobile insurance-related question (Property, Automobile, Personal Lines, Business, or Flood Insurance) and we’ll be happy to use your expertise to help you get your insurance-related question resolved by phone.

If you would prefer to “email” your question about insurance vs speaking on that phone.

Email us at info (at) and we’ll be happy to get back to you. Insurance is one of the most complex products and insurance questions can be incredibly “in-depth” and “personalized” and that’s why we would prefer to have a conversation around your “specific” personal or business insurance question. We encourage consumers or insurance policyholders that found us to request an insurance quote [online] if they’re unable to call.

Ask About Insurance

If you have an automobile insurance-related question, there is a 96% chance we’ll be able to easily help you find an answer to your “car insurance question”. Car insurance is far more simple than homeowners’ policies or flood insurance coverage that has far more complications to deal with.

Ask About Home/Condo/Property Insurance

Homeowners and property insurance can be a pain! The expert property insurance policy experts at “Premier Shield” can help you find better homeowners insurance coverage options with multiple companies while [saving you time & money] scouring policy options. We’ve written many homes from the smallest 500 square foot home to the multi-million dollar luxury homes and coastal property exposures that are incredibly “hard to insure”. That’s why we offer the best home insurance company coverage currently through, Openly Home which guarantees replacement costs for the home for up to five million dollars. Learn more about high net worth home insurance coverage online.


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