Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Shield Insurance receives thousands of insurance-related questions each year. Below are some of the most common questions our agents can help you answer.

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Auto Insurance FAQ

  • Q: How Much is Car Insurance for a New Driver in Massachusetts? A: “Car insurance for a new driver in Massachusetts costs between $1,450 to $9,600 per year, on average as of 06/30/2021 according to the most recent data provided to Premier Shield Insurance.”
  • Q: How much is the surcharge for an accident in Massachusetts? A: “Currently, the auto surcharge threshold in Massachusetts makes a Minor At-Fault Accident at between $1,001 3 Points and $5,000 and a Major At-Fault accident above $5,000 at 4 Points. You have the right to appeal any decision about your accident.”
  • Q: How long are you considered a high-risk driver”? A:
  • Will a flooded car be totaled?
  • Is car water damage covered by insurance?

Home Insurance FAQ

Find common and frequently asked Premier Shield Insurance agency questions about property and homeowners insurance coverage and policies.

  • Why did my homeowner’s insurance increase?
  • What is not covered by homeowners insurance?
  • What should home insurance cover?
  • Can I be denied homeowners insurance?
  • What are the six categories typically covered by homeowners insurance?
  • What type of water damage is covered by homeowners insurance?
  • How do I deal with insurance after water damage?

Flood Insurance FAQ

Speak with a flood insurance agent at 1-774-847-7746 and get your specific flood insurance policy questions answered with an agent today!

Find common and frequently asked Premier Shield Insurance agency questions about FEMA, NFIP, and Private Market Flood insurance policies, coverage, and rates.

  • Q: What is the best flood zone to live in? A: “The best flood zone to live in is an X Flood Zone on FEMA Maps”
  • Q: Why do you have to wait 30 days for flood insurance? A: “The 30 day waiting period does not apply to home purchases, but it does apply when switching flood insurance companies”.
  • Q: Can flood insurance be waived? A: Yes, if you do not have a financial interest involved and you live in a flood zone you are not required to carry a flood insurance policy and it can be waived. However, you may want to strongly consider purchasing an affordable private market flood insurance policy to reduce your risk as a homeowner.
  • How does FEMA flood insurance work?
  • What is covered by flood? & What Flood insurance does not cover?
  • Does flood insurance cover heavy rains?
  • Is rain damage considered flood damage?
  • Is flood insurance worth the cost?
  • Do insurance companies pay for flood damage?
  • Does insurance cover flash flooding?
  • “How much does zone X flood insurance cost?”
  • “How much does zone A flood insurance cost?”
  • “How much does zone AE flood insurance cost?”
  • “How much does zone A1-30 flood insurance cost?”
  • “How much does zone AH flood insurance cost?”
  • “How much does zone AO flood insurance cost?”
  • “How much does zone AR flood insurance cost?”
  • “How much does zone A99 flood insurance cost?”

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