Learn more about “how to fill out the RTA form” in Massachusetts with the comprehensive “Guide to How to Fill Out a Registration and Title Application Instruction in MA” via “Premier Shield Insurance.


Fill Out a Registration and Title Application Instruction in MA


Understand the process in Massachusetts and learn how to “Fill Out a Registration and Title Application” with Premier Shield Insurance instruction for Massachusetts.


Massachusetts Registration and Title Application Form (Mass RMV-1 & RMV-3 Replacement)

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There is good news for consumers, car dealerships, registry clerks. The old RMV-1 & RMV-3 forms have been replaced with a new, much better version called the Massachusetts ” ‘Registration and Title Application Form

We are one of the fastest insurance agencies for RMV paperwork and it’s a change we welcome! The old forms were confusing, especially coupled with the fact many consumers are left filling them out themselves. One mistake and it’s to the back of the line.

This form is much more straight-form and user-friendly. Below are the details on the new Massachusetts registration form that will be required in 2020. If you would like an online insurance quote for your vehicle and to have our agents fill out the paperwork call 1-774-847-7746. We specialize in fast, new vehicle insurance Massachusetts. Learn why more and more people are switching to Premier Shield Insurance for both homeowners and auto insurance (We have over 50 quality customer 5 stars reviews on Google).

Registration and Title Application


Form text and fields you may be required to fill out at the registry.  A simple “I want to” section lets you select an option easily.

  • Register and title a vehicle
  • Transfer plate to a new vehicle*
  • Reinstate a registration*
  • Apply for a salvage title
  • Apply for a title only
  • Apply for a registration only
  • Transfer a plate between two vehicles*
  • Register previously titled vehicle
  • Title previously registered vehicle*
  • Transfer vehicle to surviving spouse*
  • Change plate on existing vehicle with no amendments*
  • Renew a registration*
  •  “Amend a registration“* (Select the information to be amended. Enter new information in the section indicated.)
  • Registration Type (B 3.)
  • Color (B 4.)
  • Fuel Type (B 8.)
  • Total Gross Weight (B 12.)
  • Name (D or F)
  • Address (D, E or F)
  • Lessee (E)
  • Garaging Address (G)
  • Insurance (K)
  • Other:


How to Fill out the New Massachuset Vehicle Registration Form

If you’re like me, any kind of “government-issued” form just makes me want to do 1 of 2 things. 1st “Go through it as fast as possible and get it over with” and 2nd “I’ll look at it later”. So if you’re like me and I know most of you are I’ll do my best to simplify the RMV Form & Registration Form/Process in the state of Massachusetts step-by-step.

  • A) Service Type
  • B) Vehicle Information
  • C) Title Information
  • D) Owner 1 Information & Owner 2 Information
  • E) Lessee Information / In Custody of
  • F) Business Owner Information
  • G) Garaging Address (Address where the vehicle is principally garaged)
  • H) Lienholder Information (The bank, financial institution, or private party that financed your vehicle loan.)
  • I) Sales or Use Tax Schedule (Numbers I1 or I2 must be completed by a licensed dealer. Number I3 must be completed for all casual/ private sales. Number I4 is completed for sales tax exemptions by the RMV)
  • J) Purchase Information
  • K) Insurance Information
  • M. Certification and Signature of Applicant(s)

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Registration and Title Application Form MA RMV-1 and RMV-3 Replacement Form


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