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Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Best Car Insurance Quotes for Massachusetts with a Recent Accident

Accidents are bound to happen, that’s why we carry car insurance. If you’ve had a recent accident you may be wondering “Is sticking with the same insurance company is a good idea“.

Well the truth is, depending on your current auto insurance company, you migh save a ton of money leaving that company in the past with that recent accident. They’re going to jack your rates, they need to get the money back from the property damanage you caused, that’s how insurance works.

If you are a high risk driver in New England (especially Massachusetts) the rates, premiums, and annual premium can become very expensive. Just 3 years short years ago, a $400/month car insurance policy was considered to be “too much for car insurance” for a single car/single driver personal auto insurance policy in Boston. Now it’s not uncommon to see quotes for high risk drivers in high risk areas getting quotes of over $10,000 a year.

Who is considered a “high-risk driver”? Top 10 High-Risk Driver Situations

  1. First, anyone who is coming from a situation with no prior car insurance in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island you will pay more for the first 6 months if you haven’t had an active insurance policy within the past 30 days. After 6 months with an excellent company for prices like Progressive you’ll be eligble for rates with other carriers (Plus you’ll get a “continuous insurance discount” that will help lower your rates if you get the claim-free and accident-free discounts)
  2. Anyone who is “newly licensed” in Massachusetts will be considered “higher risk” if the have a “Date First Licensed” in Massachusetts LESS THAN 6 YEARS. If you’re moving to Massachusetts from another state like Connecticut, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Now, if you have a clean record and 5 years of experience you are considered a good risk if you’ve had an active policy for at least 6 months (we can save you money). Especially if you’re in the process of buying a new car. Give us a call at 1-774-847-7746 and we’ll lower the price you pay for car insurance.
  3. City Dwellers who are newly licensed, have poor claims, accident, or payment history are the most high risk policies in Massachusetts. If you live in Boston, Brockton, Dorchester, Fall River, Holyoke, Lynn, Mattapan, Revere, Springfield, Worcester.
  4. Anyone who has SDIP Points 02 to 25 is consiered high risk, especially if the driver is newly licensed, has an accident, is buying a new car, and lives in a city. If you have 04 SDIP Points, we can help you save money if you’re paying more than $185/month.
  5. You are considered to be high risk by the insurance companies if you need insurance today and you have no prior insurance. “The best thing you can do is get added as a driver on someone else’s policy as soon as possible, andget a copy of the declaration page prior to engaging in a vehicle purchase“.
  6. You are considered high risk if you have poor payment history when it comes to making timly payents for your insurance. It’s 2020 and insurance companies aren’t playing around. If you don’t pay the bills, they double the payment and add late fees and possible NSF fees for customers who “Overdraft car insurance payments“. We’re a small agency but it’s something we see with many people, the same people, every month. They eventually fall too far behind and get canceled for non-payment.
  7. You are one of the most high risk customers if you have a “car insurance cancellation for non-payment” in Massachusetts companies will “make you pay in full” for the annual policy premium. Fortunately we have Progressive so even if our only option is “Paid in Full” or “2-Pay” payment plans, it’s a 6 month policy so you’re not having to come up with a full year of insurance premium all at once. {If we have a conversation with you and you can promise to make you’re premium payments on time, we can help you save money and we’ll give you a chance MAX 1 Cancel for Non-Payment} We can even offer you monthly payment options were all other carriers will require you “Pay in Full”.
  8. Drivers with a high combination of “multiple glass claims, hit & runs, at-fault accidents, and not-at-fault accidents“. It’s 2020 and in the cities, over the past 5 years, there are a ton of “hit and runs”, auto thefts, and not-at-fault accidents that have left the insurance companies paying out more money then they’re taking in. People in the city complain the “insurance is too high, but the insurance companies aren’t making money overall right now in major cities. That combined with all the young kids on 25 buying brand new cars and crashing them within 100 days has let to a terrible car insurance situation for people who live in Boston.
  9. Foreign drivers license insurance policies are high risk. Typically there is a premium on these policies, especially if we’re dealing with a “no prior auto insurance situation“. If you’re coming here from another country get your countries driver’s license or a picture of it along with your transcribed driving history, they cane save you thousands of dollar “moving to Massachusetts from another country?
  10. If you meet one or more of the above critera, you are unforunately considered a “non-standard risk” by the insurance companies. Fortunately for you there is finally going to be a market to help you find affordable monthly rates. Foremost will be coming to Massachusetts in 2020. Embark General will start to allow automatic payments to better help consumers stay current on their auto insurance bills.
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Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers in Massachusetts

So you’re left with few options if you’re not still on your parent’s policy and you have no prior auto insurance policy.

You can call GEICO, but they might be really expensive if you’re under 24. Or you can call us and we’ll work with you and your budget we want a policy that’s “really going to work for you and your budget”. We’re not here to remind young people to pay their bills. If you go down that path of getting cancelled for non payment and getting your registration revoked. You’ll end up paying over $500/m for car insurance because let’s be real, even if the truth hurts”no one wants to insurance you“!

Don’t put your ego over the insurance SDIP system, and insurance payment structure in Massachusetts. If you say “nah I’ll just pay it later” you’ll end up putting your life in a real bind when you really need a car to get to work.

You’re in control, the choices are yours. Driving is a privilege and driving in the city is a luxury due to the abundance of public transportation. With all the issues with the Redline and the T fiasco in Boston, more and more young drivers are trying to buy new and used cars. This is causing the average rate for car insurance to rise throughout Massachusetts and Boston in 2020.

Car Insurance Companies for High Risk Drivers in Massachusetts

Each of these companies below have their own underwriting situation and you may qualify for prices from each one. If you’d like for us to shop you with some of the carriers on the list to help save you time give us a call at 1-774-847-7746.

Arbella Insurance
 | AMICA | Concord | Embark Auto | GEICO General | Hanover Insurance | Liberty Mutual | MAPFRE | Metlife Homeowners and Auto | Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance | Progressive Insurance | Quincy Mutual | Safeco Insurance Home and Auto Insurance | Safety Insurance | Stillwater Home Insurance | Travelers Insurance | Vermont Mutual

High Risk Driver Educational Resources

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