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Newly Married Couples Combine Auto Insurance and Save Money

If you have recently tried the knock you may be eligible for immediate savings on homeowners or auto insurance in New England.

The Premier Shield Insurance agency specialize in helping young and married couples combat the rising cost of auto and home insurance in 2020.

Car Insurance for Newlyweds in New England

Consolidating auto insurance simplifies your marriage by reducing your total number of bills by 50% (2 to 1) while allowing you to get a 50% off discount for multiple vehicles on the policy.

We can normally save couples around 23% when we combine and Bundle a renters insurance policy.

Homeowners who Bundle car with their home Insurance policy are eligible for savings of up to 37% when combined with other money-saving insurance discounts.

Request a quote for your auto insurance policy and see how much extra money we can save you each year!

Quotes for Newlyweds and First-time Homebuyers in New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire)

We’re looking forward to meeting you and learning your story! We are a family-owned independent Insurance agency committed to providing world-class customer service and helping first-time homebuyers find the best price and coverage