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New England Progressive and Safeco Insurance Agency

If you are looking for a quality quote from a valued “Progressive Insurance Agency” or a “Safeco Insurance Agency” you’ve come to the right place. At Premier Shield Insurance we love and truly value the relationship and partnership we’ve been able to create with BOTH Safeco & Progressive Insurance.

These guys are the real deal. If you are skeptical of “Insurance companies in Massachusetts” as a consumer….we can’t blame you if we’re being honest. The one thing you’ll get at Premier Shield that you won’t get at any other Massachusetts Insurance Agency is HONESTY.

Safeco and Progressive Insurance Cost, Price Comparison an Quotes (New England)

If you are looking for an insurance quote (home, condo, auto, business, flood, umbrella, renters, landlord, pet, motorcycle, EPLI, or life insurance) we have the carriers and partners to help you find quality insurance to protect your family.

Both Safeco and Progressive offer great rates for consumers in New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine) and Safeco recently announced a new product for home as well as a 2020 rate cut! That’s great news for consumers and we’re excited to help more people in New England change insurance companies to Progressive and Safeco.

Request a “Safeco and Progressive Insurance Quote” from the #1 Online Home & Auto Insurance in New England (Premier Shield Insurance Agency)

About Progressive

Progressive Insurance (NYSE: PGR) is one of the largest proviers on auto insurance in the United States. They are headquartered in Cleveland OH and they’ve been able to help millions of Americans save money on car insurance. Early in our journey, Andrea from Progressive took a shot on Brian and Jon and the “Premier Shield Insurance agency” when we were a new insurance agency with only Bunker Hill, Plymouth Rock & Stillwater.

In less than 3 years Premier Shield Insurance quickly grew to the “Second Largest” Progressive Platinum Insurance Agency in Massachusetts. Honestly, we weren’t even trying to be as big of a Progressive Agency a we are. It happened because Progressive Insurance is “the best insurance company for lower car insurance in Massachusetts” Not only that, they have listened to evey bit of feedback we’ve given them and implimented to the changes to make life easier for consumers and insurance agents in New England alike.

Premier Shield Insurance LLC President/CEO Jonathan Anderson and Co-Founder & President of PSI SEO Brian Plain believe in loving and helping people. “People over Policies” is what we say everyday!

We are not in the business of “selling insurance”, honestly if you have a better price and a fair deal, we respect and appreciate that. Our goal is to help your small and local business customers have a better exprience. We want your customers to save money on home, auto, and business insurance. Enough insurance savings to come back to purchase more products or services from your business. Does that make sense? We also want to help you with local SEO in Massachusetts because companies like YELP, Google, and TripAdvisor have alll but destroyed the seach results for small businesses on Google.

Local SEO in Massachusetts (Small Business & Contractors)

If you are a small busness owners or contractor and you need help generating “Online Leads”, we can help. Our SEO Experts have the ability to help you with BOTH “OnPage” and “OffPage” SEO strategies to help your content rank well in “Google Search”.

We want you to be successful so you can tell everyone you know how we’re the best SEO and insurance agency in New England.

Give us a call to get started or fill out the “Professional SEO Services‎ for Massachusetts Small Business” owners below.

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