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New Car Replacement

Car Buying in New England can be difficult and overwhelming for consumers. This is especially true for consumers buying cars for the first time.

There are a ton of different options at the dealership and for your new auto insurance policy.

New Car Replacement is an optional coverage available on most insurance companies.

We highly recommend New Car Replacement because the optional endorsement is very affordable and cam be a life saver in the event of a total loss.

New Car Replacement Qualifications

To qualify for New-Car Replacement you must have “total loss” plus.

The total loss must occur within the first 2 years of purchase and you must be the original owner of the vehicle.

What is New Car Replacement?

So what is “New Car Replacement” and do I need it? New car replacement isn’t required because it is an optional coverage. Ask your agent if it’s available on your insurance company quote.

The Insurance company will pay the cost to replace your car with the the same (or newer) make, model, and year, if available.

New Car Replacement Quotes

If you’re looking for a quote with New Car Replacement, we can help. Visit our online auto insurance quote section or give us a call at 1-774-847-7746.

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