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Mortgage Broker

mortgage broker auburn ma
Personalized mortgage assistance

Why mortgage brokers are better than banks? Folks enjoy many advantages using the expertise of independent mortgage broker over a traditional lending institution like a bank or mortgage banker. Similar to independent insurance agents, mortgage brokers are able to give consumers access to more lenders and loan options. This can be helpful for borrower’s that may have high debt to income ratios, poor credit scores, or other income issues.

Banks only offer one rate, when you’re shopping for rates it’s very easy to just chose the first lender to reach out. This can be a costly mistake. I was able to have a lender take my home equity loan from 4.375% down to 3.75% saving me over $80,000 over the life of the loan.

Basis points matter. Get out a loan calculator and see what the difference .1% makes on how much you pay back over the life of the loan. For every .1% on $250,000 you save $5,204.76 in interest, this is why paying down your mortgage early can be a good idea.

Find a Mortgage Broker

If you are searching for a trustworthy lender in Massachusetts, you should definitely give New Horizon Mortgage a call (508) 877-6666.

If you want to work with an independent mortgage broker you that will help you find the right loan, Brian Ambrose is your guy. Founded in 2005, New Horizon Mortgage Co. is a Massachusetts-based mortgage brokerage company that caters to the specific needs of its clients.

Mortgage Broker Reviews

  • Brian Ambrose just handled our new mortgage and he essentially moved mountains, leading to a painless and pleasant experience. He is super responsive, extremely knowledgeable and really knows what to do in order for us to obtain the best deal. He also recommended a home insurance guy and our closing attorney, both of whom were also top notch. People were surprised we had such a quick close and I just tell them we had the dream team assembled. I would recommend Brian for anyone. He’s incredible!” 01/18/2019 Marissa k. Boston, MA Yelp.
  • “This is review is overdue, but much deserved. While in the process of buying our first home, my wife and I had many questions and were nervous of the possible missteps you can take in the complicated process of researching and obtaining a mortgage. All of these concerns quickly disappeared when we started working with Brian. He was highly knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond to any of our questions He made the process so smooth with an exceptionally fast turnaround and sitting down with him at the closing was like sitting down to chat with a friend. Don’t miss out!” 06/01/2018 Luke D. Franklin, MA Yelp
  • While the process of buying my first home was long due to delays on the Seller’s side, Brian Ambrose was with me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. I contacted Brian initially based on a referral from a close friend and positive online reviews. My girlfriend and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with Brian’s professionalism and exceptional knowledge of the real estate market and mortgages in regards to the ever so changing mortgage interest rates. Brian gave us excellent guidance, and unflagging availability to reach him when needed. My girlfriend and I are now officially in our first home and will be working again with Brian in the future! Andrew K Google

Contact a Mortgage Broker

Give New Horizon Mortgage a call (508) 877-6666 or fill out the mortgage loan quote request form below.

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