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Massachusetts Small Business and Local SEO Services

Are you a small business owner? Whether you’re a small independent contractor or over have 25 employees, the SEO experts and owners at Premier Shield Insurance understand your struggles. We own a business. We understand how “web robbers” AKA “marketing” and “review site” companies like Yelp and Google are doing to put their boot on the neck of small business owners.

I just spoke with a semi-retired painter who was explaining to me Yelp was harrassing him to spend $5,000 a year because they gave him a free lead one time. I explained I had a similar experience with Yelp! I explained how these authorititive websites are burrying “search engine results for small business” but just dishing out a ton of content designed as “lead generation”.

Since search engines like Google enabled this type of behavior, older small business owners in there 50s and 60s feel completely helpless. My chiropractor Dr. Ed at Marlboro Chiropractic had the same issues, but withe “Google Adwords”. These companies simply “DO NO CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS” but they’ll certainly cash your checks.

We’re told as small business owners “You have to do paid leads from Google or Facebook” to generate business. That is a lie. The truth is, SEO and organic search traffic are truly the best way to reach your prospective customers and audiance.

Massachusetts Small Business Need Help With Website and Search Engine Optimization

More and more small business owners are talking to Premier Shield Insurance about our “small business local SEO” services because they know there needs to be a better way to get to the top of Google for local search keywords.

Brian Plain is one of the Co-Founders of Premier Shield and has over 13 years of “Search Engine Optimization Experience” to better help you and your local, small business get the local rankings you need to help your business get a fair opportunity in search.

We’ve never hired a so-called “SEO EXPERT” because we know they simply cut and paste data for “highly volume keywords” then send you a bill for $5,000. My old boss Mario back in 2008 called them “Web Robbers” and the term stuck with me since nothing as changed.

SEO is very complex. It’s taken half a life time for Brian to learn and master the skills needed to beat large and well-funded corporations in search. We’re just a small, local insurance agency in Worcester County. There are well over 5,200 insurance agencies in Massachusetts, here’s the full list. How do you find customers when you have 5,000 competiting businesses trying to do the same thing as you? It’s simple, and we have the answer.

If you are a small business owners in Massachusetts who needs help elevating your business to to the “First Page on Google” we can help. We have specifically targeted over 200 towns/cities/villiages in Massachusetts to find our clients. Many times without any real SEO work we’re able to rank between #4 and #7 as soon as we create a new piece of content.

The largest and best insurance companies who don’t partner with Premier Shield Insurance HATE US. They want us out of business because they’re afraid of the truth. The truth is most consumers who have homeowners and auto insurance in Massachusetts end up paying way to much over the years and their agency/agents/companies for insurance could care less.

That’s capitalism for you. Insurance agents over promise and underdeliver results day in and day out. The agency owners are old and semi-retired. Consumers are left wanting a better experience and that’s where we come in.

FREE Massachusetts Small Business Local SEO Expert Consultation

Call Brian at 1-774-847-7746 and we’ll see if our “Small Business Local SEO Services in MA” are the right fit for your small business. We spend the bulk of our time growing and expanding our business and we don’t need the additional revenue to help others. We do it because it’s the right thing to do and we believe by helping other people worthy of help is how you get ahead in this world.

We love helping people. Whether it’s a first-time homebuyer buying their first home or a small business in Massachusetts who needs help with Small Business Insurance in MA or Local SEO, our heart is in the right place.

We’ve reached out to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other “Insurance Related” businesses to try to foster strong relationship. To be honest, most of them are stuck in the past with their business models and they’re generally not the most friendly people.

We have the talent to help put any business at to top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing but people who don’t care about other people they can stay lost in search where they belong. If you’re a “Masshole” and you don’t like to help others, find another firm and go over pay them!

Premier Shield Insurance is trying to bring back the “relationship in business” which seems to be lost on this new generation that is very “Transactional” in nature. There is no loyalty anymore. In general, most people don’t care that you have a mortgage to pay, daycare expenses, car loans, ect. It’s all about them. We can appreciate that to some degree because insurance has left consumers in a situation where they could care less about their “insurance company”.

We are seeking to find small business owners who can help us find quality people who need our help for home and auto insurance in New England. We’re willing to help grow your business FREE if you’re a dedicated business partner who sends us quality referrals each monty. Otherwise you’re looking at least $5,000 a year for the needed work it will take to get your business to the top of Google.

Why Chose Premier Shield Local SEO for Your Massachusetts Small-Businesses

Many small businesses dump money into advertising, PPC, “Paid Ads”, “TV Ads”, “Radio Ads”, at an alarming rate. We have noticed these channels have become absolute “trash” when it comes to cost and lead conversion. The worse they get, the more they charge. Seems fair right?

If you’re small business is sick of the corporate advertising and Silicon Valley Bullshit they keep trying to make us buy and you want real results that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you may be a good fit for our “Small Business Local SEO Program” which is designed to help you combat the evil companies that use search engine optimization to burry your business results in search.

The worst part is the majority of these companies aren’t even in Massachusetts! So why does Google put their results at the top? It’s because they algorithms are in place and like capitialism, we all are given an even playing field to succeed or fail.

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