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Massachusetts Registration Reinstatement Service

MA Registration Reinstatement
Registration Reinstatement Massachusetts

If you live in Massachusetts and your vehicle registration is expired or revoked, we can help you reinstate your registration while avoiding the difficult Coronavirus registry appointment process.

Premier Shield Insurance partners with Boston Software to help our customers and new business customers reinstate with the Mass RMV.

Reinstate Revoked Registration in Massachusetts is simple and easy through Premier Shield Insurance. We’ll take the time to help fix your registration issues.

Give us a call today at 1-774-847-7746 and we’ll be able to help reregister your Massachusetts registration today over the phone.

Mass RMV Registration Reinstatement Fee

Typically you’re looking at a $70 total fee to reinstate your registration. They do charge a $20 third party fee but it’s worth it to not have to set up an appointment and go to the RMV.

  • No Valid Insurance (Cancelled Insurance) $50.00
  • Third-Party Expedite Fee $20.00
  • Total Amount Paid: $70.00

Why is My Massachusetts Registration Revoked?

If your plates or registration in Massachusetts have been revoked it could be due to many reasons. Our expert auto insurance agents will help you figure it out. Below are the main reasons you’ll see your plates get revoked.

It’s important to always pay your court fees, child support, and state taxes otherwise you may find yourself waiting to pay it off before you can drive again.

Massachusetts Registration Reinstatement Service Quote Request

Reinstate your revoked registration in Massachusetts by filling out the form below and we’ll start the process for your callback.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at!

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