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Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Rates

Find the best “Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Rates” with a local independent homeowners insurance agent at Premier Shield Insurance.

Our agents specializing in helping you find lower rates for your home insurance policy in MA.

Massachusetts Homeowners Average Insurance Rates

Q: “So what exactly are the Massachusetts Homeowners Average Insurance Rates, and do they matter?”

A: $1,502 per year On average, a home insurance premium in Massachusetts costs $1,502 per year.

I’m always fascinated by the fact that homeowners searching for “average insurance rates” and the ones with the “difficult to insure” and “more expensive home insurance rates” in Massachusetts. Averages are just that. They are skewed by extremely low and high results.

“As an expert home insurance agent with over 20 years in financial services, investments, business, and insurance I would say the average price for home insurance in Massachusetts is good to determine a baseline for premium,” said Brian P. Local MA Home Insurance Agent at Premier Shield

“Insurance is ‘very personalized’ and your credit/insurance score will have a large impact on the price you pay” Brian added when referring to pricing for homeowners insurance risks in Massachusetts.

Now, it may seem like just about everything in Massachusetts (rent, housing prices, labor, taxes, insurance, etc), but there is an opportunity to lower your home insurance premiums. Home insurance premium in Massachusetts costs $1,502 per year however “if you pay too much for home insurance” it’s because of the home age, city, your age, your claims history, and how old your home is.

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