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Home Insurance Marshfield MA

Our Premier Shield Life, Flood, Home, and Auto Insurance agents will work hard to help you find the best policy price and coverage for your vehicle or property in Marshfield Massachusetts.

Home Insurance Marshfield MA

The 2021 cost for home insurance in Marshfield is around $890 for a standard single-family home. Based on our zip code and pricing analysis of Marshielf, roughly 83% of homeowners are overpaying when annualizing the annual premium of both home and auto policy.

Our new customer pricing survey shows us that loyal home and auto insurance customers with the same home insurance company (like Commerce, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Safety, Arbella, or AMICA) for over 5 years are overpaying by upwards of 32%. So if the average home is $900 and the average car insurance in Marshfield MA is $1,338, that means your paying $2,228 a year or $712.96

To request a homeowners insurance quote by phone you can call and speak with an experienced home insurance agent at 1-774-847-7746 or you’re able to get a property insurance quote online and we’ll be happy to call you back.


Auto Insurance Marshfield MA

Save money on car insurance in Marshfield through the expert agents at Premier Shield Insurance. The average auto insurance policy in Marshfield Massachusetts costs around is $1,378.14 as of April 1st, 2021.

Our local Massachusetts auto insurance agents work with multiple top national and regional car insurance providers to compare multiple quotes, coverage options, and companies to make sure you’re getting the best price possible.

Learn more about how our agency is able to help you save money and offer better coverage and lower prices by visiting our insurance agency on Facebook or Linkedin.

Auto Insurance Quotes Marshfield MA

Lower rates are just a phone call away, speak with one of our Marshfield independent home and auto insurance agents by calling 1-774-847-7746 or requesting an auto quote online.

Request an auto insurance quote today and start saving money (Up to 37%) when you bundle homeowners and auto insurance through the same insurance carrier.

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Insurance Coverage for Marshfield Massachusetts & Surrounding Towns

  • Competitive Rates for Flood, Life, Small Business, Homeowners, and Auto Insurance are available in Marshfield,
  • Homeowners Insurance 

Some of the lowest rates in Massachusetts are in and around Marshfield. Just the other day a GEICO customer in Pembroke called me complaining about getting increased to $31/month. I explained I have some customers paying as high as $800 a month for car insurance and he’s really not going to save much by switching.

The Premier Shield Insurance agency can help Marshfield residents find better coverage. If it’s been a few years since you’ve looked at your home insurance policy, 2021 is the time to do it.

Property values in Marshfield and surrounding communities have increased, so have the costs to rebuild homes.