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Liquor Liability Insurance

In New England (Massachusett, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire), we have laws requiring establishments serving alcoholic beverages to purchase a Liquor Liability Insurance policy.

What is a Liquor Liability Insurance

The liquor liability insurance policy protects the establishment if a customer injures themselves or any possible property damage that could be a result of intoxication.

Due to the high-risk nature and mandatory nature of Liquor Liability Insurance, the costs tend to be high and it can be difficult to get quotes. Not a lot of insurance companies want to offer this type of insurance policies.

Liquor Liability Insurance Quotes

The good news is Premier Shield Insurance can help you find an affordable policy.

We currently offer Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Simply request a Liquor Liability Insurance Quote online or by calling 1-401-207-1552.

What is Dramshop Insurance?

“Liquor liability insurance, also known as dram shop insurance, is liability coverage for businesses that serve, sell, distribute, manufacture or supply alcoholic beverages. Learn if your business needs liquor liability coverage and how it can affect your insurance costs.”

Progressive Insurance
Who needs liquor liability coverage?
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and taverns
  • Caterers
  • Breweries and wineries
  • Grocery stores Liquor stores

Request a Liquior Liability Insurance Quote in Massachusetts by calling 1-401-207-1552.

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