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John Hancock Life Insurance New England (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut)

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John Hancock Life Insurance Quotes

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John Hancock Life Insurance Company, USA is a Boston-based insurance company. Established April 21, 1862, it was named in honor of John Hancock, a prominent patriot. In 2004, John Hancock was acquired by the Canadian life insurance company Manulife Financial for $10.4 billion.

In 2000, led by David F. D’Alessandro, the company “demutualized”, meaning that “John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company” formally ceased to exist, and a new company named “John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.” came into existence. Policyholders received shares in the new company in exchange for giving up ownership in the old. Life insurance continued to be sold by an entity known as the “John Hancock Variable Life Insurance Company”, a subsidiary of John Hancock Financial Services Inc. On January 27, 2000, shares of Hancock stock started to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol JHF.


John Hancock Company Description

John Hancock Life Insurance Company, U.S.A. Company Information

Customer service1-800-732-5543
Headquarters: 601 Congress St. Boston, MA 02210 (Directions)
Parent organization: Liberty Mutual
President & CEO: Marianne Harrison
Founded: 1862 in Boston
Estimated Annual Revenue: $9.5 Billion
Estimated Employees: 6,700
States we Sell John HancockMassachusetts,

John Hancock Best Company Websites

Founded in 1862, John Hancock today is one of the nation’s leading financial services companies, providing a broad array of insurance and investment products and services to retail and institutional customers, primarily in North America.

We operate our business in five segments. Two segments primarily serve retail customers, and two segments serve institutional customers.

Our fifth segment is the Corporate and Other Segment. Our retail segments are the Protection Segment and the Asset Gathering Segment.

The Protection Segment offers variable life, universal life, whole life, term life, and individual and group long-term care insurance products.

The Asset Gathering Segment offers variable and fixed, deferred and immediate annuities, and mutual funds.

Our retail business also includes our retail distribution and customer service operations.

In 1998, we were one of the ten largest writers of individual life insurance in the U.S. (according to the 1999 A.M. Best’s Sales Studies rankings for Total Direct Premiums Written), and were the seventh largest writer of individual variable universal life insurance (according to data published by Tillinghast).

John Hancock believes they are among the top five writers of individual long- term care insurance, and, based on total in force premiums, the top provider of group long-term care insurance, in the U.S.

As of December 31, 1998, we were the 29th largest individual annuity company, based on LIMRA sales data, and our mutual fund subsidiary ranked 26th (28th as of September 30, 1999) among U.S. asset managers in terms of total long-term, open end assets under management (according to data published by Financial Research Corporation).

Our institutional segments are the Guaranteed and Structured Financial Products Segment and the Investment Management Segment.

The Guaranteed and Structured Financial Products Segment offers a wide variety of spread-based and fee-based investment products and services, most of which provide the customer with some form of guaranteed return.

The Investment Management Segment consists of investment management services and products marketed to institutions. This business is primarily fee-based and investment management products generally do not offer guarantees.

Our expertise in both the Guaranteed and Structured Financial Products Segment and the Investment Management Segment has its roots in our long history of managing the assets in our general account.

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