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Insurance. Agent. Jobs. Employment. Careers. Everybody wants a good one, no one wants to admit they have a bad one, and workers continue to find “the right job” or the “right company” and continue to fall flat on their faces because employers and recruiters don’t tell the truth about employment conditions.

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People may be searching for “high-paying jobs in texas no experience” because they want to make more money, but the reality is most job-seekers “need to have experience” to “make good” money in almost any industry.

You’re not going to get the wages of a seasoned manager in retail till you know how to run the operation.

What other jobs are there besides retail?

Insurance. Selling insurance. You don’t even have to quit your current full time job till you’re earning enough and you feel it’s a good fit.

Retail jobs and call center jobs are absolutely thankless!

Besides fast food and retail, what are good jobs for a College Dropout?

College isn’t for everyone, we get that. In fact, college students that realize it isn’t a good fit and cut their “tuition” losses often have much lower student loan debt levels than many of the college students that overpay for 4 years to get a mediocre “next to worthless” college degree.

This page is for people who want a positive change in their life. Becoming an insurance agent at the Premier Shield Insurance agency can help change your life.

At our agency, we train you on much more than the simple concept of “how to become an insurance agent”. We teach you long-term and successful ways you can provide for your family and live the lifestyle you want.

How Make Money Selling Insurance Online

In 2021, there has never easier time to make money selling home and auto insurance products online to consumers who need help.

At Premier Shield Insurance, our agency works hard everyday to help Americans struggling with premium increases find “cheap auto and home insurance” alternative with our comprehensive insurance company offerings.

If you want to “be your own boss”, “make your own money when you want”, maybe working at Premier Shield could be a good fit for you.

You Get to Run Your Own Auto, Home, Flood, Life, and Small Business Insurance Website as a Premier Shield Insurance Agent in 2021


Insurance Resources for How to Become an Insurance Agent

Fun and Exciting 2021 Employment Alternatives to Becoming a Premier Shield Insurance Agent

  • Start your own Local GEICO Insurance Agency – Did you know you can learn a thing or two about having to work your tail off with Massachusetts service-related work after investing a lot of money into starting it? How much does it cost to start your own GEICO agency? First of all. GEICO is a “forprofit corporation” the leadership answers to the shareholders. Shareholders, big money, hedge funds, and other “big money” groups simply don’t care about your financial sacrifice and financial commitment. When you work for the big companies, you drink the Kool-aid, you were like a dog to cover the cost, you pay for your own leads. It’s really a high-cost model and…according to their website for the “low low price” of $100,000 and $250,000 “depending on the market”. So they believe in the local insurance agency model so much #OldWarren isn’t willing to put the investment capital risk for you. I mean I get it, it’s a global pandemic and GEICO is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, who’s owned by Warren Buffett so he’s probably not willing to sacrifice

Take Care of Your Family, Learn How-To Be a [Master Agent], and Gain Financial and Schedule Freedom – Future Insurance Agents Apply Now

If you’re one of those people looking to make between $10-$25 an hour sitting around surfing the web passing the time making an hourly rate, THIS JOB IS NOT FOR YOU. Go be a “account executive” or “insurance sales representative” at a mediocre insurance agency! Seriously there are thousands just in Massachusetts to choose from!

As of 03/12/2021 there are over 5,300+ local MA insurance agencies.

Brian Plain “Master Agent” “SEO Master” “Local Agent” “Co-Founder of PSI”

Top sales agents can earn over $75 an hour, but this really isn’t for everyone. Learn more on LinkedIn.