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RMV Promotes 30 Year Front-Line Employee Colleen Ogilvie to the position of Registrar of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

By August 11, 2021Insurance

Premier Shield Insurance would like to congratulate Colleen and working hard and getting promoted. We hope you that her 30-years of RMV “front line” experience will help her with making the “high-level” changes the Mass RMV needs to better operate and service the needs of the residents of Massachusetts.

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The MA RMV keeks track of the Massachusetts Safe Drivers in Plan and Merit Rating Insurance system. Learn more about the Mass RMV online.

Colleen Ogilvie Named Registrar at the Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles

Over a 30-year tenure with the RMV, Registrar Ogilvie was a front-line worker who held multiple senior management positions.

Jamey Tesler, Secretary of Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), today announced Colleen Ogilvie’s appointment to the position of Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Registrar (RMV). She has been in this position since January 21, 2021.

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About Registrar Ogilvie

Over the course of her 30-year career, Registrar Ogilvie served as various roles at the RMV, starting as a Customer Service Representative at the Beverly Service Center counter, and ending as Deputy Register for Operations, where she managed many of the RMV’s technology, back-office identity, vehicle credentialing, and technology functions.

“Colleen is a dedicated public servant, colleague, and we are very happy that she accepted our offer to be Registrar. After a 30-year career at the RMV, where she was a key member of the senior management team and has led the agency’s transformation, she is now a key part in the Registrar position. Secretary Tesler said that she is confident that she will continue to lead the agency’s efforts to improve safety and efficiency on Massachusetts’ roads.

“Colleen is an exceptional professional who understands the vital role that the RMV plays for public safety. She was able to do the difficult work during the pandemic and continue providing essential services while keeping staff and customers safe and healthy. She is a leader and passionate about the RMV’s opportunities for growth and access for its employees and all who it serves.

Since January when he assumed the leadership role of the RMV, Registrar Ogilvie worked with MassDOT employees and other managers to enhance the RMV’s public safety, compliance and public-serving functions. He also prioritized workforce training and growth opportunities for employees.

“It is a pleasure to accept the role of Registrar as I work alongside a talented management group and have witnessed firsthand the dedication and commitment of the Registry’s customer support representatives and administrative support personnel during the pandemic,” stated Registrar Ogilvie. “I admire the RMV employees who showed flexibility and passion for public service during the State of Emergency. I am grateful to have been able to lead the organization in building on the success stories since March 2020 and creating new opportunities.

Ms. Ogilvie earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Assumption College and her Master’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts.


The Mass RMV

The RMV will continue to build on the public safety-based and public service-based improvements made in the past several years.

* Prioritizing “one driver, one record” by making sure Massachusetts’ RMV records are accurate and up-to-date based on information provided to Massachusetts by law enforcement, courts and other states. This is done primarily electronically and automatically through data-sharing. Continuously improving and updating the process to check all 5.2 million Massachusetts driver records against the National Driver Register. Also, establishing additional data-sharing agreements with other states like New Hampshire.

* Advancing a federal CDLIS-like system to automate state-to-state communications and boost Commercial Driving License (CDL), administration.

* The Commonwealth’s investment in and opportunity in the RMV’s new ATLAS technology system has allowed for multiple, significant changes to the agency. These include enhanced state-to-state communications and automatic voter registration. A non-binary option for Massachusetts’ credential holders. An appointment-only reservation system. Online learner’s permit testing. External business partnerships that help reduce demand for in-person services and offer more customer-friendly web and phone-based transactions.

Additional information

* All RMV-issued credentials, letters and other materials will soon be updated with the name/signature of Registrar Ogilvie.

* Additional notification will be sent when these materials are updated or distributed.

* For all registry requirements, please visit