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Reinstate Revoked Registration Massachusetts

(ATT: READ First: GEICO, Progressive, Esurance, & Liberty Mutual Customers) Premier Shield agents can ONLY reinstate your registration IF you AGREE to become one of our auto insurance customers.


In 90% of situations, we find you a lower price for car insurance AND help you with all your registration issues online. We communicate with the Mass RMV that you have an active policy then we can immediately reinstate or renew your registration online for you.

Due to extremely high demand, we’re asking you to email info@premiershieldinsurance OR text your request to 1-774-225-0599 “include your Massachusetts Driver’s License Number or Plate #” or fill out the automobile quotation request form below.

Don’t Call or Inquire if you’re not Looking for an Auto Insurance Quote to help fix your Reinstate Revoked Registration. We can’t help you if you’re not a customer legally. It’s that simple!

Auto Quote

“Can I Reinstate My Registration Online Massachusetts?” the short answer is YES! If you have a lapsed or canceled policy that caused your registration revoked status, we can help.


You’ll need to set up an affordable policy with us and we can finalize your active MA vehicle registration online.


Reinstate Revoked Registration in Massachusetts Over the Phone by Texting 1-774-225-0599


Reinstate Revoked Registration Massachusetts
Reinstating a Revoked Registration in Massachusetts is simple & easy through Premier Shield Insurance Call 1-774-847-7746

Revoked insurance registrations are a pain in the butt in Massachusetts! It’s going to require you to go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to reinstate your plates and registration.

With the Coronavirus creating a nightmare at the registry via appointment only, we felt the need to be able to help you reinstate everything over the phone and online.

Call 1-774-225-0559 for our Massachusetts Registration Reinstatement Service!

Keep in mind that the penalties for driving without insurance in Massachusetts are steep.

Don’t worry, the expert agents at Premier Shield Insurance can help you if you need to reactive your registration.

Reinstate Your Massachusetts Vehicle Registration Cheap Quotes New Car Insurance Premier Shield Insurance Agency
Registration and RMV Insurance Agent Help

What You Need to Reinstate Your Massachusetts Vehicle Registration


Massachusetts Vehicle Registration process can be confusing if you’re new. Our licensed agents will make the process as simple as possible. By calling us today we’re able to help you find an affordable car insurance policy and help you reinstate your vehicle registration.

You’ll need a down payment to start the new policy but we can save the quote for you if you need us to. If you can pay for the policy in full for 6 months you’ll get the biggest savings.

Once we’ve started the new car insurance policy, we can start the reinstatement process.


How do I Reinstate my Registration in Massachusetts?


Typically you need to know why your registration was revoked in the first place. Most times it’s due to a lapse in coverage or cancelation for nonpayment on your previous insurance policy. If your registration is non-renewed for unpaid fines or tickets you may have to first go to the registry to see how much you owe to reinstate your registration.

  1. The first thing you need to do is call 1-774-225-0599 and start an active auto insurance policy with Premier Shield. We will help you with finding a new car insurance company that helps you with your reinstatement. Start by requesting an online car insurance quote or giving us a call at.
  2. Once your new personal auto insurance policy is active in Massachusetts, then you need to take proof of insurance to the Registry. Our agents will help prefill the form, all you need to do is print it.
  3. Go to the registry and pay to reinstate your revoked registration. Learn more about the RMV Vehicle Title & Registrations.


Massachusetts Registration Reinstatement Quotes


Request a Massachusetts Registration Reinstatement Quotes through the Premier Shield Insurance Agency. Fill out the form below or give us a call at  1-774-225-0599.



What does it mean when your registration is revoked?


In the state of Massachusetts, when your vehicle registration is revoked it means you can’t legally drive.

If you’re caught driving the police will likely tow and impound your vehicle and you may also get a ticket for driving on a revoked registration.

If you need help reinstating your Mass vehicle registration give us a call today at 1-774-225-0599.


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