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Massachusetts Vehicle Registration Form Process & Information

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  • “Insurance Stamp for Registration Massachusetts”
  • What is Massachusetts proof of insurance or “Proof of Insurance MA” and an “Insurance Stamp”?

Reinstate Revoked Registration MA

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle has recently implemented a new form to register vehicles in Massachusetts. It is a full replacement for the old RMV-1 & RMV-3 forms. we’ll cover the new form sections in detail below.

MA RMV Insurance Stamp and Proof of Insurance

[Urgent update] The OLD RMV-1 & RMV-3 Have been replaced by the simplified Massachusetts Vehicle Registration Form 2020

Premier Shield Insurance offers Electronic Insurance Stamps and Wet Stamps for Massachusetts RMV Forms

Find out how to register your vehicle in Massachusetts in 2020. Premier Shield Insurance will help you learn about the state requirements and how to process your RMV-1.

Have you recently purchased a new or used car and need an “RMV-1 Stamp” or “Proof of Insurance” for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles?

We get calls from new drivers in Massachusetts all the time “I bought a new car and I need insurance” and we say “OK great, who is your current insurance with?” The reply is almost always “I don’t have prior insurance“.

Later in the article, we’ll get into why it’s a bad idea to by a new car without prior insurance. First, we’ll provide you with the form and RMV-1 & RMV-3 forms you’re looking for.

RMV Forms

RMV-1 Form

The Masschusetts RMV-1 forms are and process are different for people registering a vehicle through a gift or private sale vs buying a car from a car dealership. Call one of our agents at 774-847-7746 to discuss in more detail. RMV-1 forms are used to process the following types of transactions:

  • Registration Only (RO)
  • Registration Transfer (RX)
  • Registration and Title (RT)
  • Title Only (TO)
  • Salvage Title (ST)
  • Summer/Winter Swap (SW)
  • Title Add Registration (TAR)
  • Surviving Spouse (SS)


RMV-2 forms are used to process registration renewals. These forms are mailed to customers 6-8 weeks prior to expiration. The RMV-2 indicates if an insurance stamp is required.

If you see “INS STAMP REQUIRED” on the bottom right-hand corner of the RMV-2 form, the form requires a stamp. Otherwise, the message will say “NO INS STAMP REQUIRED”.


In Mass, you may have had a recent “insurance policy lapse” which triggers a revoked “REVO” status with the Mass RMV. When this happens you’ll need to use a RMV-3 form to reinstate your policy. RMV-3 forms are also used for the following transaction types:

  • Switch Insurance Companies in Massachusetts
  • Registration Re-instatement
  • Motor vehicle plate SWAP to a different plate number or plate type
  • Renew/Swap to a different plate number or plate type less than 6 months before the expiration
  • Registration Amendments (if info on current registration needs to be amended)
  • Insurance Policy Renewals (if a customer didn’t get their RMV-2 by mail or if the renewal received wasn’t correct)

MA Gift Form (Form MVU-24)

Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred as a Gift

Form MVU-29

Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Purchased Outside of Massachusetts

RMV-1 Registration Process for Insurance and Advice from an Agent

If you’re trying to get back on the road and you don’t have prior insurance, you’re going to be looking at higher premiums for the first 6 months. Plus you will have to carry full coverage which can compound the rate.

If you’re looking for the most affordable way to get on the road, by something cheap that you can own outright. That way you can just carry liability, keep it for 6 months till you have prior insurance then trade it in and get the car you actually want.

This method will save you several hundred a year, especially if you live in a city like Boston, Framingham, Marlborough, Worcester, and Springfield Massachusetts.

Mass RMV License Plates

If you are buying a new or used car, ask the car salesman “Are you on the drive program” if it’s a small dealership or a “buy here pay here” type dealership, they won’t be.

Buying a car from a car dealership not on the drive program can be a pain in the butt. Seriously, half of them don’t know what they’re doing and most types they need “Wet Stamps” (RMV doesn’t except scan or faxed copies of wet stamps) so they’ll have to send a “runner” from Boston, Springfield or wherever to Auburn just to get a stamp. Then they have to go to the registry.

Do yourself a favor, buy a car from a dealership on the drive program, it will make your life so much easier and you won’t be waiting days for the dealer to register your car.

If you are deadset on working with one of these dealers we recommend you call us before you start the registration process to see if we can create an RMV-1 with an “electronic stamp“.

We can help expedite the registration process and we’ll give you must faster turn-around time with your car insurance registration paperwork.

Outside of that, we’ll can save you up to 37% if you bundle home and auto with our agency.

For MA RMV Insurance Stamp and Proof of Insurance Call 774-847-7746 for an Immediate Policy

We can help you find a low price on car insurance. We’ll help get you an “electronic stamp” via email so you don’t have to drive to our office.

Switching auto insurance in MA is really easy, we take care of all the cancellation paperwork and registration paperwork.

Insurance Stamp for Registration Massachusetts Progressive

If you have Progressive directly call their customer service line at 1-800-776-4737 or if you’d like a new Progressive auto insurance policy call 1-774-847-7746.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Resources

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