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My Homeowners Insurance Rates Went Up in 2021, Now What?

*Updated 11/11/2020

In 2021, many homeowners in New England are feeling the pinch. Homeowners are finding their monthly mortgage rates increase because their current home insurance policy keeps going up and their current agency and agent aren’t finding them lower rates.

Home Insurance Increase 2021? We can help you find much lower rates by shopping and comparing quotes from many top national insurance carriers!

Premier Shield Management

If you are in a situation where you’re looking for lower prices for homeowners’ insurance, Premier Shield Insurance can help. Insurance company profitability is based on charging “good homeowners” more for their policies in the hopes they simply with think “it is hard to change homeowners insurance”.

The reality is the expert homeowner’s insurance agents at Premier Shield Insurance make switching your home insurance policy and coverage very easy.

We just need a few minutes of your time to quote, compare and shop home insurance rates with multiple highly-rated home insurance companies like Progressive, Metlife, SAFECO, and Bunker Hill to help you find better rates and coverage for your 2021 home insurance policy.

Homeowners Insurance Prices Went Up in 2020
Homeowners Insurance Prices Went Up in 2021 New England (MA CT NH ME)

Why Does Homeowners Insurance Go Up?

Many consumers simply don’t understand “inflation”. Every year our dollar is worth less than the year before, 3% on average. That means the costs of everything else goes up.

Homeowners insurance policies typically have a 4% Dwelling A Coverage price increase called “inflation guard”. The bigger your home, the bigger the annual price increase.

Most homeowners insurance agencies we’ve noticed don’t help their customers keep their rates low after the initial sale.

If you’ve had the same home insurance company for at least 2 years, you’re probably overpaying and have the ability to lower your annual home insurance premium and monthly mortgage rate (if you escrow homeowners’ insurance).

Give us a call for a homeowner’s insurance quote 1-774-847-7746 to learn more!

Is Homeowners Insurance Negotiable?

Can you negotiate your home insurance price? Yes, you can work with an independent agent who can review your current price and coverage and help you find a better rate. If you have a direct carry you can only lower your price by cutting your coverage because the “price is the price”.

If your home insurance company ( Arbella, AMICA, Bunker Hill Insurance, Concord Group, Esurance, GEICO Insurance, Hanover Insurance, Liberty Mutual, MAPFRE/Commerce, Metlife, Plymouth Rock, Progressive Insurance, Quincy Mutual, Safeco Insurance, Safety Insurance, State Farm, Stillwater Insurance, Travelers Insurance, Vermont Mutual) is increasing your rate, you have many options to save money on home insurance through Premier Shield Insurance.

We find great home insurance rates for residents of Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and New Hampshire especially if they bundle auto insurance our customers may be able to save up to 37%.

Request a Homeowners Insurance Quote for 2021

If you’re interested in learning more about home insurance rates, prices, carriers, and coverage then give us a call for a 1-774-847-7746 to learn more!

If it’s after hours or you don’t have a few minutes just fill out the property quote request below and one of our licensed agents will give you a call for a quote. Just let us know the best time for you to talk for 10-12 minutes in the note section.

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