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Home Insurance Mattapan MA

If you drive or live in Mattapan Mass, you realize ever year is a struggle finding and keeping affordable home and auto insurance rates. Many of the homes in Mattapan are difficult for the private home insurance market to insure. This includes owner-occuppied 3 family homes, homes older than 100 years, or flat roofs.

The expert home insurance agents at Premier Shield Insurance can help and we have a market for your homeowner’s policy.

If you would like to find a better, more affordable homeowner’s insurance policy give us a call at 1-774-847-7746.

Home Insurance Quotes Mattapan

Homeowners in Mattapan can save up to 37% when they bundle homeowners and auto insurance through Premier Shield Insurance Companies.

Mattapan (02126) is the highest-risk zip code for auto insurance, so it’s going to make sense for most homeowners to combine rates for auto and homeowners.

We’ve helped many residents in Mattapan that are good drivers with clean records combat the rising rates of homeowners and auto insurance impacting minority communities.

We take our job of saving you money on homeowners and auto insurance very seriously! We enjoy helping you put money back in your pocket.

Request a homeowner’s insurance quote online or by calling 1-774-847-7746.

Auto Insurance Quotes Mattapan

Car insurance prices are the absolute highest in Mattapan Massachusetts zip code 02126. In this article Premier Shield Insurance will cover several different car insurance examples, all of them are much more expensive than the Massachusetts average insurance cost.

Mattapan Car Insurance Example #1 (HOME & AUTO INSURANCE BUNDLED)

If you’ve been with the same company for over 3 years for either home or auto insurance, there is a strong chance you’re paying too much. It’s always good to check the markets.

If a 59-year-old homeowner Erica bundles home and auto insurance, we can insure a $65,500 2019 INFINITI QX80 for $1,840 paid in full with Progressive.

The nice thing is Erica will also be saving on her homeowner’s insurance because Progressive Massachusetts Home Insurance rates are some of the best out there.

Mattapan Car Insurance Example #2 (4 Point Driver With Prior Insurance)

James in this example is 35 years old, he’s had GEICO for over 1 year but they just raised his rates due to a recent accident resulting in him becoming a 4 Point driver.

Before the accident James thought his rate was pretty good and he typically paid in full every 6 months. He carries 100/300/100 $500 deductibles, roadside, and rental car reimbursement.

Now he’s seeing his Mattapan car insurance rates spike. When we say spike we mean spike!

Monthly rates rose $200 or 75.59% a month to $464.48 a month from $264.56. Paid in full rates jumped $998 or 76.27% to $2,307 for 6 months compared to $1,309.

Mattapan Car Insurance Example #1 (EXTREMELY HIGH CAR INSURANCE)

James Smith just turned 16, his dad is a multi-millionaire so he’s looking to buy a few brand new vehicles and wants to see what the insurance will cost. We’ll cover 2 of the vehicles he’s looking at.

For this example, James has no prior insurance. His father wants him to “have a good insurance policy” as he has.

So he requests $500 deductibles for comprehensive and collision and 100/300/100. He makes sure James has roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

His first choice is 2019 Maserati Quattroporte (Read more about Best Rates and Quotes Maserati Car Insurance MA) which will cost $57,603.00 a year, $7,200.38 to start and $5,044.27 a month….FOR CAR INSURANCE IN MATTAPAN. If James elects to pay is car insurance in full for the year it’s $55,775.00 saving $1,828 or 3.17%.

After seeing the staggering insurance costs he elects for the 2019 INFINITI QX80 which was only $21,432.00 paid in full for the year. With a recent “at-fault accident” the auto insurance premiums increase $5,330 or 24.87% to $26,762.00 with 4 Points.

While the $50K+ situation is highly improbable and likely something most people will never see, it does happen! People wake up, go to the dealership and then realize they have an “insurance problem”. It’s not really so much a problem as it’s just really expensive.

We quoted a Bentley in Worcester for celebrity millionaire musicians. It was a fraction of the price of this policy but still an expensive policy at over $10,000 a year.

Car Insurance Quote Mattapan Massachusetts 02126

Save money on Mattapan car insurance in 2020 through the expert auto insurance agents at Premier Shield Insurance.

Chances are we’ve helped insure someone you know who lives in Mattapan because we’re really good at helping drivers save money, even in Mattapan (car insurance is far too expensive for many residents to even own a car).

About Mattapan Massachusetts

City of Mattapan, Massachusetts 
Zip codes
: 02126
County: Suffolk
Annexed by Boston: 1870
Population: 36,480 
Median Home Value: $323,537
Median Rent: $1,316
Homeowners vs Renters: 39% vs 61%
Elevation: 141 ft
Sites: Official, Zillow, Wikipedia, Niche, City Data
Surrounding Towns: Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester

Mattapan Massachusetts Insurance Information and Resources

If you live in Mattapan we can help you with your difficult insurance situation (or simple insurance situation). We say its difficult because of the massive amounts of hit and runs residents of Mattapan are experiencing. This combined with young terrible drivers buying new cars and crashing them immediately has caused an epidemic for the youth of Mattapan.

Many simply need to move or wait a few more years before buying a financed vehicle. Find Mattapan homeowners, business, life, and auto insurance tools, resources, and articles to help you find lower rates.

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