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How much is the surcharge for an accident in Massachusetts?

With over 20 years of financial services and insurance experience, Premier Shield Insurance has received a ton of questions about insurance pricing in Massachusetts. The truth is, there are several rating variables that will impact how much the insurance will go up after an accident. If you are in a high risk age demographic like 18-25 you can expect an increase of up to 75%, especially if you live in a high risk city like Boston, Fitchburg, Framingham, Worcester, or Springfield Massachusetts. So if you’re paying $200/m it could easily spike your car insurance up to $350 month if you’re with the wrong insurance company.

Call us at 1-774-847-7746 to explore your insurance options. We’ve seen customers file a single glass claim and with carrier’s prices going up, their rates jumped from $3,200 a year to over $7,000. Fortunately we have multiple insurance carriers and we’re able to put them in a much better situation.

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What is the Massachusetts Auto Surcharge Threshold?

There was a very out-dated law that changed in July 2015. The Massachusetts legislation had previously had the surcharge limits at above $500 for a minor accident, and above $2000 for a major accident. We all know that a small bumber repair can easily run over $2,000. What happened was an at-fault accident that causes over $500 in property damage to others was considered a minor accident with 3 surcharge-able points added to your driving records. Damage to property or bodily injuries above $2,000, the accident is classified as major. 4-Point surcharge points would be added to your driving record.

Currently, the auto surcharge threshold in Massachusetts makes a Minor At-Fault Accident at between $1,001 3 Points and $5,000 and a Major At-Fault accident above $5,000 at 4 Points.

You have the right to appeal any decision about your accident. They will take into consideration the weather conditions and other things that may increase your chances of avoiding a surcharge. It’s important to request an appeal’s hearing in the event you weren’t 50% at fault and you’re being charged. It costs about $50 to file an appeal and requests a hearing.