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Can I Pay My Car Insurance with Bitcoin?

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YES! You can now “Pay your car insurance with bitcoin” in the state was service if you receive “underwriting approval” from our owners.


The internet is abuzz with searches for “paying your insurance with bitcoin” “btc insurance payment” “pay my home insurance with bitcoin” and for good reason. Blockclain insurance is basically non-existant. As the Premier pioneer of fintech insurance, doing it from the ground-up (without venture-capital funding) we have already positively-enhanced the homeowners & auto insurance agency landscape in Massachusetts.

LIke I’ve said, I’ve been in business & insurance for over 20 years, what I see with young insurance agents today is terrifying. Many simply care about their paycheck. They can’t pay their personal or business rents or electricy bills if you don’t buy a policy TODAY.

It’s terrible and expect that from young inexperienced homeowerns and auto insurance agents in Massachusetts (MA). They sound charming on the phone but they could careless about you, your home, your first home insurance claim, or your future insurance needs. That’s where Premier Shield Insurance is different.

We lead with our hearts and truly care about our customers and we want to protect you, your family, your property, and your assets throughout your life (INSURANCE QUOTES MA, ME, NH, CT, RI).

We’re the most customer-centric insurance agency in New England, insurance companies and agencies are fearful of our massive customer growth and consumer-advocacy and “Insurance Hotline for Massachusetts Residence