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Car Insurance Over $500 a Month

If you are suffering from car insurance payments of over $500 a month in Massachusetts or Connecticut, Premier Shield Insurance can help you save money on your car insurance! Request a free car insurance quote online today and learn how we can likely save you at $100 a month or more.

As an indepdent insurance agency we represent multiple insurance companies. We’ve build our brand by helping young drivers in MA an CT find lower prices on their monthly insurance premiums and rates.

If you’re seeing this, you likely feel like you are a victim to high car insurance prices. You’re not alone, many people simply chose the first company willing to giving them a rate they can live with.

Often times, that rate increases to the point where it becomes unbearable.

Maybe you had a speeding tick, or you let your insurance policy lapse, or you were recently involved in an at-fault or not-at-fault accident.

It doesn’t matter what the reason your insurance rates are high, just know the expert insurance agents at Premier Shield Insurance are here to help.

We have helped hundreds of bad drivers, drivers with bad insurance payment history, and drivers with no prior insurance find more affordable car insurance prices in Massachusetts.

Top 5 Reasons You’re Paying Over $500 a Month or $6,000 a Year for Car Insurance in MA