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Car Insurance Over $400 a Month

Learn more about Buying a New Car in Massachusetts!

Are you a resident of Massachusett, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Connecticut paying over $400/month for your car insurance?

It’s time to request a Free Online Insurance Quote from an expert Premier Shield auto insurance to see how much you can save.

We will help you find a more affordable auto insurance policy. We are here to help you save on auto insurance in MA and CT.

Let’s be real. That’s $4,800 a year for car insurance, that seems high but we’ve had calls where people were “just trying to get the price under $500 a month”.

Pay Less Than $400 a Month for New England Car Insurance by Calling 774-847-7746

Often times the price is that high we tell our potential customers to review the vehicle their driving and possibly downgrade to a policy within their budget.

Do you have high car insurance in Boston MA? It’s very common for Boston residents to pay higher insurance premiums, especially for new driver insurance Massachusetts auto policies.

If you’re searching for “cheap car insurance, ie state minimum coverage Premier Shield Insurance offers the best price for “liability online” and “full coverage” vehicles.

If you’re wise you’ve actually done a monthly budget and you are budget -conscious about the car buying and insurance process.

It’s reasonable to expect to pay over $300/m if you’re buying a new car in Boston and you’re under 30. If you don’t like it buy a less-expensive car or move.

City prices will always have higher prices, that’s just the nature of population and risk.

Why is your car insurance over $400/month?

If you’re reading this you’re probably what gives insurance companies the legal right to charge so much. It seems almost seems unreasonable until you see the math behind why rates are what they are. People crash cars, that’s the reality of why prices are high.

So how much should car insurance cost a month?

The average cost of car insurance is $1,426 per year, or $713 per six-month policy ($118.63 per month). Auto insurance costs vary widely based on individual rating factors, but we created an “average” user profile and gathered rates from major insurers to develop these figures.


Pay Less than $400 a Month in Massachusetts by Requesting a New Car Insurance Quote

If you want a lower rate we’ll do our best to help you find it, request an auto insurance quote below if you’re paying more than $400 a month for car insurance in New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine)

Car Buying Insurance Frequently Asked Questions for Massachusetts

Many new and existing car buyers in Massachusetts Buying Car Insurance have a ton of questions because it’s not something you do every day.

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