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“Why is car insurance so expensive in Massachusetts?”
“Did auto insurance rates go up in Massachusetts?”
“What is the minimum auto insurance in MA?”
“How much is car insurance in MA?”

These are some of the many frequently asked auto insurance questions we get and we’ll work to answer in this article. Car Insurance Prices in Massachusetts is as “diverse” as our population.

Massachusetts car insurance is the land of the ‘haves, and have-nots. You either have a good rate for auto insurance or you don’t.

Brian Plain – Premier Shield Co-founder

Some older drivers in the middle of western mass like Oxford have very low average rates for car insurance while place like Dorchester (02121 & 02124 specifically)& Mattapan (02126) have the highest prices in the state

Car Insurance Prices

Learn more about Car Insurance Prices in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Find car insurance by company and car insurance by vehicle. Find an insurance agent in MA & CT to help you find the best price for your auto insurance policy.

People often wonder if they are paying too much for their Connecticut or Massachusetts personal auto insurance policy. As consumers, we always feel we’re paying more than we should, especially for something abstract like car insurance pricing.

There is only 1 way to find out and that is to compare car insurance prices through an independent insurance agent and the top direct writing insurance companies in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Premier Shield Insurance is one of the fastest-growing insurance agencies in Massachusetts. In 2018 we opened our Tolland CT office after 2 years in business.

Find out why more customers are choosing Premier Shield as their local Massachusetts and Connecticut insurance agency.

Why Is My Car Insurance So High?

Many insurance rating factors go into the price calculation on “what you pay for car insurance”. In CT, your credit score is going to be a major factor in the price you pay, so keep it high!

The top insurance rating factors in most states include your location, your age, how many years you’ve been driving, and your driving record.

Basically, if you are a newly licensed driver in Massachusetts (how much is car insurance in ma for new drivers) and you live in a city, you plan on buying a new car, expect to pay very high rates for your insurance over $500 a month.

Car Insurance Prices Over a Certain Amount

To help you save more money on car insurance in MA we’ve created sections based on what you’re paying. With this information, we better help find your insurance companies in MA that will find you lower rates.

Click on the sections below to help us find you a better price for car insurance in Massachusetts.

Car Insurance Prices Frequently Asked Questions

We get a ton of questions and we’ll be more than happy to answer them, just give one of our licensed insurance agents a call at 774-847-7746.

We’ll help you understand why your current car insurance price is high and what we can do to help you lower it.

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