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Rental Reimbursement

At Premier Shield Insurance we get a ton of questions on rental car reimbursement. If you’d like a vehicle insurance quote or to speak about your specific coverage call 774-847-7746 and speak with an agent.


So What is Rental Car Reimbursement?


Rental reimbursement coverage on your insurance policy provides “reimbursement” for a specific amount per day for up to 30 days.

This coverage is only for your own vehicle is being repaired after a covered insurance claim.

It does not provide coverage for mechanical breakdown.

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Is rental car reimbursement coverage worth it?


  • $15 Day up to $450
  • $30 a Day up to $900
  • $40 a Day up to $1,200
  • $45 a Day up to $1,350


Do I Need Rental Reimbursement on My Policy?

As an insurance agency owner and agent, I always recommend it to customers with full coverage. It can get an expensive coverage option if you have no prior auto insurance ($264 for 6 months) so some drivers opt-out of it.

Having rental car coverage becomes expensive because the auto insurance companies know it’s the most likely coverage used. It can add it if you don’t have it on your policy.

Go online, call Budget in Norwood and you’re lucky if you can get a rental car for less than $55 a day. I was able to get an Altima it was around $55 a day with taxes.

Most insurance policies typically cap out at $30 a day. So if you need $30 a day more over the course of 2 weeks that’s an extra $175 a week you’ll need to pay out of pocket.

The Progressive Claim Center in Westwood has Enterprise onsite so you don’t have to worry about doing the whole reimbursement thing.

Other Optional Car Insurance Endorsements

Finding the best auto insurance coverage at an affordable price can be difficult without the expertise of an independent insurance agency. Make sure to ask your agent about the following coverages.

Rental Reimbursement Insurance Coverage Quotes New England (MA CT NH RI ME)

Our agents will help you find a great rate while making sure you have coverage for a rental car in the event of an accident.