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Insurance Hotline

Massachusetts Homeowners & Auto Insurance Helpline

Do you have a question about your current Massachusetts auto or homeowners’ insurance policy? The expert insurance agents at Premier Shield will help you free of charge! Paying too much for car insure can create fear and anxiouty and about your new vehicle or home purchase.

The Massachusetts Homeowners and Auto Insurance Hotline specializes in helping new homeowners, new drivers, good drivers and bad drivers alike, and first-time home buyers in Massachusetts.. Regardless of your current situation, we’ll take your call and provide you a FREE insurance consultation.

Call (774)847-7746 for help! Normally the solution to your problem is finding a new insurance company. Maybe Progressive asked you for “Proof a Garaging” and you don’t have a ultity bill, W-2 or paystub so they “Non Renewed” or policy. We’ve heard horror stories about GEICO customers getting uprated immediately after the policy is issued because they “forgot to run reports”. The Massachusetts laws should ban such practices. The Massachusetts Homeowners & Auto Insurance HotLine is here to answer your questions about auto or home insurance in Massachusetts and troubleshoot issues with high policy premiums.

Additionally, Health Care For All’s HelpLine is a free resource available to everyone by dialing (800) 272-4232. The HelpLine is here to answer your questions about health insurance in Massachusetts and troubleshoot issues with state programs.

Call 1-774-847-7746 to get help with your insurance-related questions!

Typically if it’s a “carrier specific question” we’re going to recommend you call your insurance company directly (see list below). Make sure when you call you have your policy declaration page on hand so our agets can better assist you.

Auto Insurance Questions (Massachusetts)

Massachusetts is one of the most complex states for insurance (I’ve written in over 35 states) so don’t feel bad if you have questions. There are no dumb questions and you can’t make assumptions about insurance in Massachusetts because it is very convoluted and complex.

That’s why the insurance agents at Premier Shield Insurance have mastered Mass Home and Auto Insurance rules, laws, and regulations so that we can better advocate for our customers. Interested in switching insurance companies or finding a better rate?

Give us a call today at 1-774-847-7746 and we can help.

Homeowners Insurance Questions (Massachusetts)

Do you own a home? Maybe you are thinking about filing your first homeowners insurance claim or you’re a first-time homebuyer with questions on setting up a new policy. Home Insurance in Massachusetts can be difficult to find at a reasonable price due to many factors. Age of home (Homes Over 100 Years Old), distance to the coast, and prior owner claims can cause home insurance companies to decline to write you a policy. We have a home insurance market for everyone and if you have any questions on your existing home insurance policy just give us a call

Don’t have time to talk? Email info@premiershield insurance or text your questions to 1-774-225-0599 today.

Massachusetts Homeowners & Auto Insurance Helpline Frequenty Asked Questions

About the Massachusetts Homeowners & Auto Insurance Helpline

The Massachusetts Homeowners & Auto Insurance Hotline is a homeowners’ and automotive insurance consumer-advocy group brought to you by Premier Shield Insurance and is designed to help customers needing answers to their complex and expensive auto and home insurance situations.

We started the “Insurance Hotline” because Massachusetts insurance agents are lazy. They don’t answer questions, they don’t return calls, and they leave their current Massachusetts home and auto customers go unserviced as they focus on selling to new customers. Some people won’t switch insurance and will stick with their bad insurance agent because they like their insurance rate with their current insurance company. It’s not really necessary to put up with bad customer service from a bad insurance agent.

Having a strong and loyal customer base as allowed Premier Shield to expand into our 2nd office in Connecticut and open up new business quotes in Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.