Premier Shield’s insurance coverage area includes ten states Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Maine, Texas, Rhode Island, and New Mexico. Our agency provides personalized insurance. Below are the insurance products we offer by state.

(Please note: High-Value Landlord/Dwelling and Single-Family Homes with Coverage A over $850,000 require an interior inspection.)

Premier Shield US Business & Personal Insurance Coverage Area

Connecticut Insurance Coverage

Find luxury auto and home insurance coverage options in Connecticut with Premier Shield. We live in Connecticut and truly enjoy helping local CT residents [find better insurance companies for auto and home insurance bundles].

Premier Shield Insurance Products available in Connecticut:

Maine Insurance Coverage

Maine is an excellent state for low-cost automobile and property insurance premiums. You may have an expensive Maine insurance policy if you have a property or home that may be hard to insure, or you’ve had the same homeowner’s insurance company for over 3 years.

If you’re looking to lower your auto, home, flood, or motorcycle insurance premiums you pay each year, give us a call for lower prices, rates, and lower policy quotes in Maine at 1-774-847-7746.

Premier Shield Insurance Products available in Maine:

Massachusetts Insurance Coverage

Massachusetts insurance can be difficult and expensive to obtain. Homes in Massachusetts are older, car insurance rates and premiums in MA are considered “expensive” when compared to the national average.

The expert MA auto and home insurance agents at “Premier Shield” can help you find better insurance coverage and lower rates for your personal insurance policy in MA.

Premier Shield Insurance Products available in Massachusetts:

New Hampshire Insurance Coverage

New Hampshire insurance rates (like Maine) are generally cheaper and more affordable than the national average for automobile and home insurance annual premiums. If you own a house and you’re shopping for lower insurance costs in New Hampshire, the expert agents at Premier Shield Insurance can help you compare insurance rates and prices for your policy to help you find lower NH insurance rates (for Car, Home, Flood, Motorcycle, Business, Rental Property, Boat, and Umbrella.

Premier Shield Insurance Products available in New Hampshire:

New Mexico Insurance Coverage

New Mexico is a fast-growing state because of the low cost of living. Many first-time homeowners are moving to New Mexico because homes are far more affordable than they are in nearby places like California. Find great rates for “first-time homebuyers” with Premier Shield home insurance agents who have helped hundreds of first-time buyers find the best company for their new home.

The following Premier Shield Insurance Products are currently available in New Mexico:

Ohio Insurance Coverage

Premier Shield Insurance Products available in Ohio:

Rhode Island Insurance Coverage

Find competitive rates in Rhode Island with Premier Shield. RI insurance policy cost are expensive for flood, business, home, and auto insurance coverage. Work with an independent agent at Premier Shield insurance to find lower-cost coverage options for your RI policy for the following products:

South Carolina Insurance Coverage

Find affordable rates in SC for the following insurance products offered by Premier Shield insurance agents.

Texas Insurance Coverage

Shop and compare TX insurance rates for the following policies and coverages offered through the Premier Shield Insurance agency.

Virginia Insurance Coverage

Premier Shield Insurance offers the following policies and coverage options for residents and businesses in Virginia.


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