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How to pay non-renew obligations Massachusetts?

If you’re googling this, you need to understand that there are some things you need to take seriously when it comes to being a resident in Massachusetts. One of those is paying your state obligations for excise taxes, parking tickets, play-by-plate & FastLane fines & fees.

The registry system in Massachusetts is 100% unique and there is no other state the operates quite like Massachusetts regarding getting insurance, new vehicle registrations, and help with dealing with the Mass RMV.

That’s where Premier Shield Insurance comes in.

Our licensed local agents can help you navigate the complex Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) System and make your life simple when it comes to getting a new vehicle registered and getting a new and more affordable car insurance policy. We offer RMV Services for our Massachusetts personal auto insurance customers saving them both time and money dealing with expired or revoked registrations.

We’re busy, you’re busy. We help hundreds of people with finding new flood, homeowners, and auto insurance policies. We also get slammed with general registration questions and calls we shouldn’t be receiving because people don’t pay their bills or no what to do after they’re in a registration mess. If you need help on and you’re on your mobile phone, text your plate or license number to get started. If you’re using a PC or desktop or prefer email, send an email with your driver’s license number or MA plate number o

What is thew The Registry of Motor Vehicles’ (RMV) Non-Renewal Program?

The “RMV Non-Renewal” Program provides local municipalities, cities, and towns with a way to get their residents to pay their bills or face getting a vehicle or license non-renewal. The registration is valid for several years so drivers are able to amass thousands of dollars in overdue late fees, taxes, tickets, and fines. Just yesterday I saw a guy fail to pay at $32 excise tax that’s now $126.35 16 months later. That would be an amazing rate of return for any investor! Don’t be stupid when it comes to paying your obligations to the RMV and the state, you’re literally wasting money and kicking the can down the road while playing with fire. If you need your vehicle to get to work and provide income for your family, transportation and insurance for said transportation should be your most important priority.

If you lapse your car insurance, have a vehicle registration that is expired non-renew you’re basically now waiting for this registry system to update for several days and you may be without a vehicle. That’s why it’s important not to wait till the last minute or it will start costing you days or weeks at work depending on when you can get an appointment or do an RMV drop-off.

How does the RMV Non-Renewal Work?

Listen, nothing can be easy in Massachusetts! You don’t know that now you’ll learn it. There are 3 types of ways the non-renewal program works. Due to that, MA residents’ experiences will vary greatly because your city or town in Massachusetts may have a process that takes longer because they don’t know what they’re doing.

There are three methods of access for the Non-Renewal Program: Business Portal: This real-time service facilitates individual users logging into a web-based portal displaying native RMV screens. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Batch Files: This is used to send and receive what are commonly known as Batch files, using the RMV’s SFTP file transfer solution called MOVEItTM. Web Services: These facilitate real time data exchange between the user’s system and the RMV. The Web Services allow users to integrate the sending and receiving of RMV data into their system and business processes.

  • Massachusetts municipalities are able to “Inquire on drivers and vehicles”
    Massachusetts municipalities are able to “Clear Non-Renewal Tickets”
    Massachusetts municipalities are able to “Mark Non-Renewal Tickets”
    Massachusetts municipalities are able to “View Registration Periods”
    Massachusetts municipalities are able to “View Address History”
    Massachusetts municipalities are able to “View Clear/Mark History”

Learn more about the RMV Non-Renewal Program.