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How much is your car insurance costing you monthly?

  • “How much is your car insurance costing you monthly?”
  • “Why is Massachusetts car insurance so expensive?”
  • “Why is Massachusetts auto Insurance so Expensive?”
  • “What do you pay for car insurance?”
  • “How much is car insurance MA”
  • How much is car insurance in for new drivers?”

Massachusetts Automotive Insurance Policies can be a “very difficult” thing. What you pay depends on how you decide to live your life. I’ll tell you one thing right now (especially if you’re under 25 and trying to finance a car) you need to be deadly serious about your insurance payments and making them ON TIME!

Many young and newly licensed drivers in Massachusetts rightfully pay over $500/month for car insurance in Boston, Brockton, Dorchester, Mattapan, Springfield, and Worcester. Shelling out over $6,000 a year for your car insurance in Boston is becoming a much more common situation.

In fact, we have customers paying over $800/m for car insurance now typically these are “family policies” where there is more than 1 drivers and vehicle. Still over $900 a month is a lot of money for most families in Boston.

How much is car insurance MA?

Everyone would like a simple anser like “$75 a month for car insurance”, unfortuntely insurance doesn’t work like that. There are literally billions of price-point and ratings variables insurance companies like Progressive, GEICO, and Liberty Mutual use you figure you what to chear you each year or each month (Having a red car isn’t one of them by the way). Below are the so when you’re 20 buying or leasing a brand new car in Mattapan don’t be surprised that it’s over $700 a month.

Top 5 Rating Factors for Massachusetts Personal Auto Insurance Policies

  • LOCATION -City and urban residents pay “high car insurance rates” due to high rates of hit-and-run accidents, vehicle theft, and vandalism
  • AGE & DATE-FIRST-LICENSED IN MA – Massachusetts insurance is the harshes state that ranks “date first licesend” the sooner you get your license the better off you’ll be. Typically after 10 years of driving you’ll be rated the same as the general population.
  • DRIVING RECORDMassachusetts uses the SDIP Point system but in 2019 the bulk of insurance companies have started using a hybrid rating model that includes hit-and-run and not-at-fault accidents.
  • PRIOR INSURANCE HISTORY – When you looking to switch ma car insurance, “how long you’ve had your insurance company”
  • PRIOR INSURANCE PAYMENT HISTORY – Making sure you pay your car insurance every month, on time is a lesson not being taught to the youth today. They want to treat insurance as a game and let their policies cancel. That’s OK, the state of Massachusetts has developed a system for drivers like this. They either go into a state pool that requires PAY IN FULL ONLY options (Financed policies can cost over 20% a year) or they paying high monthly rates to Progressive, GEICO, Liberty, or The General in MA.

Car Insurance Prices in Massachusetts

We strongly suggest new consumers learn about what the MA SDIP system (Massachusetts Safe Driver Insurance Plan) is and how to put Massachusetts insurance prices in your favor. We work with each of our clients to help them develop a 3-5 year plan for low insurance prices.

Low Monthly Car Insurance MA

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