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How fast can I get home insurance?

Q: How fast can I get home insurance? A: “Home Insurance for Refi’s and First Time Home Buyers, and Immediate Closing can be completed quickly in under 30 minutes” with Premier Shield Insurance agents.


Within 30 minutes our Premier Shield home insurance agents can quickly quote, bind, and issue a new home insurance policy for your new purchase closing date. We’ll be able to do that as well as answer all your questions like some of the other home insurance potential customers questions like:


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  • “Do you need homeowners insurance before closing?
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Our agents help many customers closing on homes find fast and affordable policies for their new home purchases. Call 1-774-847-7746 and speak with an agent today and we’ll have a home policy in place within 30 minutes!

“Premier Shield Insurance makes insurance for new homeowners fast, simple, and easy”. We take out the time commitment previously required when shopping and comparing homeowners insurance rates. Our agents will take the time to explain all the coverage options so you can fully understand the policy prior to purchasing.

Our local agents will also “take care of all the necessary paperwork” your bank, lender, or mortgage broker will need for the closing.

Request a fast and friendly homeowners insurance quote online, or by phone at 1-774-847-7746, or by texting “HOME BINDER” to 1-774-225-0599.


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Tips for Buying Homeowners Insurance in 2021

In 90% of first-time homebuyers’ situations and home closings, you will be required to the first year’s homeowners insurance policy premium ON or BEFORE closing. Is now the right time to find a home insurance binder for closing? Yes, if you’re within 45 days of a property closing date, now is the time to get your policy documents in order. You will typically have to prove to your real estate agent and lender that you have paid the first full year of insurance on your new home insurance policy. If you have not done this, your bank or lending institution may require that you use a temporary policy while you finalize your insurance plan. It is best to avoid these expensive “Forced-placed home insurance” coverage options since they’ll require you to likely pay more money than a standard homeowners insurance policy.


You may ask “But what I’m not closing for over 60 days?” If you are not closing on your new home for at least 60 days, it’s still a good idea to lock in the rates and the policy for the home as soon as possible. That way you can evaluate if the previous owner had undisclosed homeowners insurance claims or other things that may impact your desire to own the property. So how can you speed up the process so you can collect on your insurance policy? Here are some tips:


Be smart about who you trust with your most important assetsyour home and your family. Make sure that you use a trusted experienced expert home insurance agent at Premier Shield. Do not hand your home over to your insurance agent without first having reviewed it by one of our agents. If they determine that your home isn’t properly covered or the price is too high, it may make sense for you to choose one of our home companies. And in the case of a natural disaster or fire, your insurance company will not pay out on the policy in the event of a loss of dwelling due to fire or smoke, unless it is a fairly widespread disaster.


Get a homeowner’s insurance binder. Every property owner should get a copy of their homeowner’s insurance binder when closing on a property. This legally binding insurance document shows the amount of coverage your new policy has, the coverage limits, policy premium, and policy effective and expiration dates. Basically, a homeowners binder lists all of your insured assets, who pays for it, and when.


Keep good records. For example, if you buy your first-time home and live in it for three years, your mortgage lender may require you to obtain an insurance policy. Records will help the bank and mortgage company insure their financial and property interests are protected. When refinancing, the borrower will ask you to prove that your home was properly insured during the time of the loan origination. Make sure you have more most recent policy declaration page to get it and you’ll always want to keep your home insurance renewal documents updated since they will not take expired insurance documents.


These are just a few ways you can help understand your homeowners’ insurance policy. While you are required to have a home insurance policy, just remember that it isn’t always required when dealing with cash or investment property home purchases. Be sure to ask your Premier Shield home insurance agent about ways you can increase your homeowners’ policy coverage while lower your premiums.

Make sure your home additions are covered on your home policy. Increasing the value of your home or adding on extra rooms is something that will trigger higher prices so make sure you tell your agents about any potential changes or upgrades to the home.

If you aren’t sure what kind of discount you can get on your home insurance, talk to your broker. They can help you find the best deals on homeowners insurance.

To learn more about home insurance rates, prices, quotes, companies, and options request a quote online.

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