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Home Insurance Allston MA

Premier Shield offers excellent rates for residents of Allston MA. Allston/Brighton MA is a set of two interlocking Boston neighborhoods, Allston and Brighton is called “home” by many Massachusetts young professionals looking to buy their first homes.

Who lives in Allston Massachusetts?

Allston is home to many immigrant populations, the largest groups being from Russia, East Asia (particularly Korea), South Asia, and South America (particularly Brazil and Colombia). Young adults (age 18-34) make up 78.3% of the neighborhood’s population (as compared to 39.4% for the city of Boston as a whole).


I remember when I was out on my own, renting an apartment at 20 years old. The prices for car insurance were far more affordable and managable, so were rates for apartments for young professionals and Allston/Brighton renters. The wages were more inline with the cost-of-living. Today what used to be a $1175 for a shared 2 bed-room in Allston is on average, is now $2,164 a month on average. That’s basically $500 a month increase every 6 years.

Home Insurance Quotes Allston MA

We specialize in helping young professionals and first-time homebuyers looking to close on their first home. We take the time to hold your hand throughout the process and educate you every step of the way.

Car Insurance Allston MA

When you live in a Massachusetts city like Allston, you’re going to be subjected to higher prices. It’s just the nature of Insurance pricing which is driven by risk management and population density.

We know which insurance companies in Allston will give you the best price for car insurance!

Car Insurance Quotes Allston MA

Give us an opportunity to earn your business and save you money on your homeowners or auto insurance policy by calling 1-774-847-7746.