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High Points Insurance

It’s April 2021 and high points insurance costs continue to climb to rates which are “not affordable”

How many points do you have to be considered “High Risk”?

Typically 5 or is considered “High Points” and at for 4 or points to may start to feel it much more difficult to find lower rates..

It’s a frequently asked question and it depends on what state you drive in and the insurance company.

So for example, Massachusetts many insurance company won’t write you if you have 5 points or 3 or more surchargable events.

Learn more about merit rating, MSRB, and SDIP ratings.


High Point Insurance Quotation Request


Hey I’m going to be completely honest and transparent about this upfront.

“Insurance Agencies and Companies DO NOT WANT TO HELP YOU or DO BUSINESS WITH YOU”! It’s a sad fact but ut’s true. Maybe you have already gone through this experience doing a quote or maybe your just now hearing this.

Companies believe that your behavior is bad and won’t change unless your tortured and punished with high prices and loss income.

Maybe that awful feeling you get in your stomach will help you “figure out how to get low rates”

If you need help, we’ll try to help you or you can call 📞 Progressive or GEICO because those are your choices.

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